Monday, June 27, 2011

the days I cherish

The days I cherish are with my little family!  I love when my husband, Ian, Harly, Zoey, and I are all together.  Ian has been working every weekend on the house for the past year.  We have only spent a couple saturdays and sundays together just the 4 of us.  Well I am excited to say after a year the house is complete (except for little things around the house, and the laundry room, but that is my room to do!!)  I can now say we can call it OUR home.  the people who lived here before destroyed it and my hubby (with the help from family and friends) redid it from top to bottom!  I am so lucky to have a great handy husband!  I will post pics of the before and afters soon!  So We went to Ian's best friend Scott's house for a picnic on Saturday and had a lot of fun.  The girls weren't to pleased but they were running on a short nap.  They did love playing with the dogs though!
Sunday was a great day.  Do you ever think to yourself, could my life be any better?  Well I don't think so, because it is perfect!  We spent the day at the zoo and rainforest and it was so much fun!  We then went to the cheesecake factory and the girls were so good until our food came of course!!! But they were getting a lot of attention from everyone!  Last we walked around the village and went into a couple stores, of course I bought the girls some jeans (they were only 4 dollars!)  The girls fell asleep while we were walking and it was awesome to feel like a family!  These days are what I dreamed of growing up.  Our children in the stroller and me holding my husband's hand walking around!  We are one big (little right now!) happy family.

Love my life!!!  

Thursday, June 23, 2011

My first post

Hi everyone!  I am a wife, and stay at home mother to twin girls!  I wanted to start my blog last year when my daughters were born, but my life was so busy.  I then decided to start it on their first birthday, but that came and went.  So why not start it on the week that my girls were suppose to be born!  They are almost 13 months now!  I have so much to talk about, from my girls, my amazing husband, and my crazy life!  I hope you all will stay tuned as I will keep you entertained!  Have a good night!