Thursday, September 29, 2011

1 year molars

The girls are rarely fussy.  They are usually very happy, easy going babies toddlers (they are still referred by my husband and I as babies in our house!).  Well this past 3 weeks, Harly has just been beside herself and crying pretty much all day.  She was still sleeping great at naps and during the night, so we werent sure what was going on.  I kept feeling in her mouth, but felt nothing.  Today, was probably the best day she has had in a couple weeks.  When I stuck my finger in her mouth, I 1/3 of it through.  Today was the first day Zoey was very fussy.  So round 2 is up!  Hip hip hooray for me!

I have a very hard time giving the girls medicine.  As a nurse, I know what antibiotics can do to a baby's immune system if given every time the baby is sick.  I am not saying I wouldn't give my child an antibiotic if she really needed it.  But if I know what it is and doesn't require an antibiotic then I don't.  I am fortunate to have a doctor to who believes in not giving an antibiotic unless needed.

I also just don't like giving them tylenol or any over the counter medicine unless needed.  It was hard to tell if it was her teeth or not because she had no fever, or runny nose.  She also slept great. This doesn't mean I won't give it to them, I don't want people to think I let my kids suffer in pain.  Now that we have figured it out, she gets a dose when needed ( if she is really fussy and sticking her whole hand in her mouth).  We will do the same for Zoey.  Two things that are lifesavers and have worked for us are: Sophie the giraffe, and baltic amber teething necklaces.

Just so people don't think I am crazy.  We had to give them tylenol when they were infants for a couple of medical reasons.  I just get nervous, they were very small and I am just a nervous nelly when it comes to medicine.  They were also on zantac for a long time.  They had a lot of reflux problems, so after almost 9 months of them being on that, we just wanted to stay clear of medicine.  I know a lot of people who give their kids tylenol at night for them to sleep, so the parents can sleep.  I just can't do that or believe in doing that.  I want to know why they are upset, I need to figure it out, otherwise I will be up all night pacing.

Teething stages just SUCK, there I said it.  This is probably the only time I have a hard time with raising twins.  They don't get their teeth at the same time so its a couple weeks for one child then it starts right up again with the second child for a couple weeks. 

If someone asked me what I could live without as a mom raising a child.  It would have to be the teething stage, if there was no teething stage, life would be GREAT!  Unfortunately, that is impossible.  That is okay though, It only lasts a couple weeks, and I keep telling myself that the next set of molars are not til 2 years old, but in the girls case probably not til 2 1/2years old.

To those of you who have not gone through this stage yet, the girls were great with all the other teeth.  They never cried, fussed, or changed sleeping patterns.  The other teeth were nothing to them, but molars, oh my! molars suck!

excuse me?!?

I had my first bad scared for me and my children encounter today.  I took the girls to the outlets to get some winter clothes since it will be in the 40's this weekend.  The double stroller does not fit through some of the stores.  I decided to forget the stroller and strap them to me.  The minute they realized where we were, they kept asking for the "ducks."  Lets just say it was a fast run through Carters and off to the ducks.  I let them walk, while holding my hand to the ducks.  Everything was going great!
I noticed an older woman standing watching us.  It started drizzling and I was trying to round up the girls to walk back to the car.  As I grabbed both their hands from the fence.  This older woman ( I would say mid 60's) walked up to me and said, "I will take her (trying to grab harly's hand) and take care of her, you can start walking with the other one.  In my head, I am fuming and trying to figure out what to say without being mean.  I am sure she was just trying to be nice, but you don't say that to some in this world today.  I looked at her and politely but firmly stated Thank you, but I will take care of my own children. 
The good thing about this situation is my children are going through major stranger anxiety.  Harly grabbed my leg and started crying when this lady tried to reach for her hand.  After realizing Harly wasn't going to give her, her hand; she asked Zoey, "How about you, are you like your sister?"  At that point I just restrapped them to me and walked to the car.

It is a day like today that I am so very afraid of this world, and for my children.  But, that is why I am their mom, to teach them about strangers, and to help them get through this day in age.  I am sure the lady was just being genuine and trying to help me, but you can't trust anyone and I don't want my chidren trusting strangers because of something they say. 

To my girls- daddy and I promise to protect you, but to teach you how to protect yourself.  We promise to teach you about strangers, and what to do when one approaches you.  It is a different world from what I was raised in.  I was able to walk to school, today I would never allow my girls to walk to school.

I love you girls more than anything, and you will probably hate mommy because she will be very over-protective, but that is why I have daddy to calm me.  He is very good when it comes to situations and encounters and he will help me decide what you two are allowed to do and what you are not allowed to do!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This past weekend, the girls, my parents, and I went to see Titi and Uncle Ryan.  Ian stayed back to get the garage fixed and the house sealed before winter.  My sister and her husband live in Philadelphia.  We drove there and left at 3am.  The girls did very good in the car both ways. 

We went to see Titi's 3d ultrasound.  My nephew Gavin Ryan is absolutely adorable and I am so in love with him already.  He is perfect!

We took the girls to Giggleberry farm.  It is a kids arcade place.  They had a water table and big slide that the girls absolutely loved.  The girls played with Uncle Ryan, they fished with him in the water table and had so much fun!  We then took them on their first carousel ride.  Zoey was nervous and towards the end just wanted Uncle Ryan to hold her.  Harly was nervous but she definitely enjoyed it!

Overall it was a great weekend, but by Sunday we were ready to get home and see Daddy!  Thanks for getting the house ready for winter daddy, we appreciate it!!

Uncle Ry Ry playing in the water table with Zoey

playing with Uncly RyRy and Titi

Harly fishing with Titi

Uncle Ry Ry putting on a puppet show for the girls, they couldn't figure out why he was laying back there!

Playing with Nani, what's inside the box?

Music time!!

By the way, my sister is 7 months preggers!  She doesn't look like it at all, she looks like she is only 5 months!

"It's my life!  And I love my crazy life, wouldn't change it for the world!"

Monday, September 26, 2011


Tonight after the girls got a bath, we trimmed their bangs.  I always put their hair up or in a bow, but there are some days they don't want it up and their hair is always in their eyes.  We decided we were going to cut them tonight.  It was very difficult when two toddlers won't sit still and freak out when they see the scissors.  Good thing there were two of us.  I distracted the girls and Ian cut.  Toothbrushes also came into play, cause they love to brush their teeth!

The outcome was not the best on either child.  Zoey's bangs are too short, and Harly's bangs are still too long.  But at least they are cut right?  No, I feel bad for both of them, I remember when my dad cut my bangs way to short and I was so embarassed to go to school.  Good thing they are only 1!  Except we have my sister's baby shower in two weeks and will be seeing a ton of people we have not seen in a while :(

Its ok though, what are you going to do?  They needed to be cut and they are at the stage where they do not want to sit, they want to go.  They are still adorable and its hair, it will grow back! (At least that is what I keep telling myself!)

Don't worry I will post pics, but I will wait til I have them in a cute outfit!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend Getaway!

Ian and I have only left our girls one time since they were born and it was literally only 24 hours, maybe even less.  We left them last year when we went away for one night for Ian's business.  Ian and his company did so well with one of their sales again, we were invited back for a weekend getaway at Oglebay.  We had a hard time deciding if I would go or not.  A lot of parents would take advantage of this, but I have a very hard time leaving the girls (not normal right?!? every mom would love to get away, I know but I am so attached to them!!)  After much debate, we both decided it would be my trial run, because Ian is taking me away in the winter for two days (and obviously , I can't say no to my husband's trip he planned for us!) 
I love Oglebay, my husband loves it here, and we hope our girls will love coming here for weekend getaways.  Besides the beach, it is one of my favorite places to come in the fall.  I have been coming here my whole life with my family for a weekend getaway.  It is such a beautiful place.  I was preparing myself all week.  Friday, I went to my parents in the morning.  I got the girls all settled in and made sure they had everything they needed for two days.  I didn't leave til the girls went down for their nap. it was very difficult to say bye to them.  I met Ian, so we could drive down together and we were on our way.
On the way down, Ian was doing work still, making phone calls, talking to customers so I had to be quiet.  It is interesting to hear my hubby work, I don't understand what he talks about, but it is so interesting to hear him work!  He does a great job and I am so fortunate to be able to stay home because of him!  When we got there, we went to our room and got ready for the reception.  the food was "out of this world"once again and all you can drink.  I hadn't eaten all day and dinner didn't get served til 8.  So from 5-8, everyone just drank. Now I get drunk off two beer (yes, light weight over here!) but when you are with my hubby's coworkers, they bring you drink after drink after drinnk, and I will just say it was a rough sleep and morning for me (good thing no kids this morning!)  After dinner, they had a tab open at the bar and what do you think everyone was doing? you guessed it, drinking.  I was drinking water at that point!  We called it an early night too, we needed sleep to get through the rest of the weekend.
Saturday, I got a nice massage at the spa in the morning, I so needed it!  Ian was golfing all day, so after the spa I got ready for the day then went and walked around Oglebay.  I watched a couple weddings that were absolutely gorgeous here with all the trees.  I then came back and hung out in the room til Ian got back.
That night we ate dinner with some of his coworkers, then hung out at the bar and watched the Ohio State game with everyone. We went to bed early this night, because we wanted to get home early to the girls.
Sunday, Ian took me to Primanti Bros in pittsburgh, one of my favorite places to eat ever!! Then we ran into Ikea!  We just couldn't wait to hold our baby girls!  We picked them up and then went home and had so much fun with them, they were very goofy, especially when they tried on their new sweaters we bought them at Oglebay!  We let them stay up til 8pm!
We are now ready to get into our daily routine again, tomorrow will be a busy day preparing for a little date night dinner for our 2nd anniversary!

Hope everyone has a great night!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day at the zoo!

Ian is out of town til tomorrow night, so I knew I needed to get out of the house with the girls to keep my sanity.  Today was the day we decided to go to the zoo since it wasn't going to rain.  We have a membership there because we knew we would be going often.  The girls love the zoo, as do Ian and I!
When I have gone there, I usually have a family member with me or Ian.  But I knew I would hae to do a trial alone to be able to get through this winter season with two toddlers.  I figured I would try it today, knowing the zoo wouldn't be crowded with kids back in school.  I do take the girls out all the time just the three of us.  We go to stores, fenched in playgrounds, and play groups, but I have never taken them to a huge public place for kids where two toddlers won't last in the stroller because they now know how to walk and that is all they want to do (understandable!)
So on to how the trial run went!  Daddy left at 4am and I was starting to get a little nervous, so I had a hard time falling back to sleep. I got up early to get everything ready, got myself ready and waited for the girls to wake up.  When Zoey woke up, she was very happy.  When Harly woke up, she was not pleased.  The debating started coming into play, should we go or not?  As the morning went on, she got better.  By 10:30 we were in the car and on our way.
I made sure I had the moby wrap and ergo carrier, because I was sure they wouldn't sit in the stroller and that I would have to attach them to me.  I didn't want to do it right away knowing by the end of the day my back would be killing me.  But to my surprise, when I told them we were going to see the ellas and gave them their snack, they sat right in it.
Right when we got into the zoo, the elephant crossing was happening.  It wasn't crowded so we got a great spot and the girls could see without getting out of the stroller.  Once they saw the ella cross they were yelling "ella,ella" and doing the trunk motion.  It was so cute!  After a couple minutes, we went to the pavillion and ate our packed lunches.
We went back to the elephants after.  They were so close to the fence, perfect for the stroller.  Once again the girls were so excited!  That is one of their favorite animals!  They were yelling, waving, and laughing.  Everyone around us were laughing at them (they get a lot of attention, but I don't mind!)  I only mind when people tell me their whole life story for 15 minutes and the girls were over the ellas and fussing to move on and this lady kept going and started following me.  Not trying to be mean, I love that eveyone comes up to us and tells me how cute the girls are, I do the same thing when I see an adorable baby; but I don't stop and tell them that this and that will happen when the baby is this age and that age because I understand what they go through, as I go through it too!  It also felt like twins day at the zoo!  Everywhere you turned their were twins, most looked to be two years old and able to understand that they have to hold on to the stroller and not run off.  I don't want the girls to be 2 yet, but I also can't wait til they do understand.  Right now they don't understand that they have to stay by me when they walk (they have to hold my hand anyways, or they go back into the stroller, I am a nervous nelly!) 
Next we headed up to primates.  The girls also love the monkeys!  Especially today, they were all very active.  The last couple times we have gone, they were not active.  Today was a different story (maybe cause they know winter is around the corner!)  they were so excited, the monkeys were coming right up to the windows!  There was a fossa (it looked like a dog) that was eating, the trainer hid the food in corners so he had to search for it.  The girls loved that!  They kept saying doggie!  Last thing we saw in were the sharks, which they were intrigued by also! So far we have been at the zoo for 2 hours.  Yes, I know what you are thinking, "thats all they saw?"  Well, I had to walk from the front of the entrance to the primate exhibit.  It is a very far walk and all up hill, so it took us a little while!  Hey, at least I got my work out right! 
We headed back down another hill told the northern trek exhibit.  As I am walking down the hill, almost running cause the hill is steep and making the stroller go fast, the diaper bag flew off and broke.  I was very excited about this!  I desperately needed a new diaper bag, just didn't want to waste money on a new one when I had a working one (even though it sucked and didn't hold very much!)  When we got to the bottom to the duck pond, Zoey was almost asleep.  We started walking to the giraffes.  By the time we got there Zoey was out and Harly wanted out (nice rhyming, right?!) Thank goodness one was sleeping, so I let Harly get out, but made her understand she had to hold my hand the whole time.  She did great and never let go.  We walked down the hill and saw an ostrich.  She stood there for 5 minutes, laughing hysterically at this ostrich that was just standing there.  She would start babbling to it and laugh again; like she was carrying on a convo with it.  She was cracking me up.  We went and saw the zebras, outdoor monkeys, and last the tiger.  I decided it was time to go.  Now I would have been out of the zoo in about 5 minutes, but when you have a new walker who won't let you hold her, it takes a little lot longer.  Once she noticed Zoey was sleeping, she would go in front of the stroller, check on her, then try and wake her up.  When I said sissy is sleeping, she would come back, grab my hand and the back of Zoey's seat and help me push.  After about 10 seconds she would go and check on Zoey again.  This went on the whole way out of the zoo, it took about 30 minutes to get to the front entrance.  That is ok, it was so cute watching her check on her best friend!
You know it was a good day when the minute you put one child in the car, and open the other door, she is out!  And when you transfer the sleeping child to her carseat, she stays asleep!  Also, when the rest of the day they are happy!  Happy to get out of the house, walk around, see new scenery!  It makes me so happy to see them happy!

playing with the girls through the window

Helping mommy push the stroller

about the poke her head under the shade and check on sissy

doing such a good job holding mommy's hand and pushing sissy

clearly Harly was not ready for the picture, happy to see the monkeys!

Pictures are all copyrights of this blog only ( Hearing about issues from my fellow blog friends, that people are taking their pics.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11- never forget

I am having a hard time with this post right now.  Don't know how to write or what to say.  There is so much I want to say, but my emotions are all out of whack. I remember everything that day.  Is it really 10 years already? 
Ian and I just watched Robert De Niro's special and I cried through the whole thing (Ian also very upset that after about an hour of watching it, he said he couldn't do it anymore.)  For those of you that know Ian, he does not get upset often. 
I am really stuck on my feelings righ now.  I am happy, sad, mad, and grateful.  If I tried writing how I felt, it would be all over the place and everyone would be confused.  I have decided to hold off on writing about 9/11 til tomorrow or even sometime this week, til my feelings calm down. 
Tonight I kissed and hugged my girls extra tight, we prayed for a safer, non-violent world, and I got to be close to my  husband and talk about our feelings from that day. 
Yes, Our Nation came together today again, but what will happen in 2 months?  Will we go back to hating one another?  I vow to be a better person, a better wife, better mother, and better nurse.  I strive to make a difference in this world. We donate to St. Jude's hospital every christmas, but there has got to be something more, bigger for me to actually feel like I am helping this world for my baby girls, they are our future.

I will leave this post by saying my heart goes out to all those who lost their lives on 9/11, those who fought on flight 93, and those who saved lives.  Never forgotten!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Five for Friday

Sorry this is posted on Saturday.

My five favorite words the girls say:

1- Hi

2- Again (Zoey: a-da) (Harly: a-ga)

3- Doggie

4- Elephant (ella is how they say it!)

5-hot (the t is emphasized!)

They say a couple more, but they way they say the five of these we absolutely love and crack up!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day weekend!

We had a great weekend!  The girls had so much fun!  Uncle Ryan and Titi were in town (baby Gavin too growing comfortably in Titi's belly!).  We hung out with daddy all day Friday and Saturday, then he had to go to a bachelor party. 
My cousin had her second baby, Joshua.  We went to see him Sunday.  I attempted to hold the baby twice and the girls flipped out.  I was bummed, but it is ok, I know how much they love me and just weren't sure about the whole thing!
Friday night, Ian's friends came up to visit!  they brought digger the dog too!  We had a great time, the girls love to see them.
It was also my mom's birthday Saturday.  We all went out to the wineries.  It was so nice.  We had a great time.  the girls got to see doggies, and danced the night away!
Sunday- we went out to dinner with my dad's side of the family.  they came back to my parents house and we laughed til 12:30am.  My aunt, uncle, and cousin are hilarious. their lives need to be a reality show.  They are out of control!!!
Monday- it was a very lazy day.  We had to say goodbye to Titi and Uncle Ryan.  We all took a nap and waited for daddy to get there. 
We then came home to a sick baby again, ugh!  Zoey was in her carseat watching a movie on the drive home.  She didn't have a drink or snack, but she started choking and turned completely blue.  I jumped in the backseat while Ian pulled over.  It was a little scary.  She was fine when we got home until she had her nighttime bottle.  She choked again, turned blue and then threw up.  she has been having a hard time breathing with her cold.  I will not be sleeping tonight, my poor baby.

Overall it was a nice weekend.  It was a very busy weekend though, we went non-stop and the girls schedule was all whacked out.  I am happy to have the week start so we can get back to our daily routine.