Friday, August 24, 2012

Five for Friday: Toddlers say the darnest things!

Here are some sentences the girls are saying:

1.  Mommy: singing while driving.
     Harly:  mommy, no sing song in car!

2.  Harly: where's my lovie (in a whiny voice)
     Zoey: (annoyed) Sissy, its right here, on chair

3. "Try it, you'll like it."  Their favorite line they say every time they have something new on their plate (thank you Yo Gabba Gabba).  If they don't like it, they say "try it, don't like it!"

4.  Zoey: More muffins mommy
     Me: Sorry sweetie, they are all gone.
     Zoey: How 'bout cookies mommy?

5. Me: Harly, do you want to play with the rice table?
   Harly: No mommy, I'm good!

What I miss the most is their jibberish language when they were little.  They had their own little language that only they both understood.  They still use it, but not as much.  It's amazing how in a blink in the eye they are talking in full sentences.

If one of them is doing something they are not suppose too, the other one will say no sissy, no no.  Then they say here sissy and shows her what is the right way.  Love it!



Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What life would be like

What would life be like without Facebook, pinterest, or google. What would it be like if you could go back to when you were a little kid, where you had to go to the library to look up information not like today where you just pull out your phone. What would it be like if instead of communicating through Facebook you actually called that person or saw them in person.  Why does everyone care about what people are posting, most of it is negative statuses anyway.  I need to delete my account, but this is where I put info about my blog on here.  But I don't care about facebook or other people's problems except the updates on the important people in my life.  All you geniuses and inventors out there- Please stop making everything about technology.  I want my children to have a childhood like I did.  Can you start making people get off their butts instead of them sitting and doing everything on the computer or their phones.  Please take us back in time to when we had to actually move, thank you!  Sincerely a mommy who will devote herself to making sure her children don't sit in front of the t.v., computer, or play video games 24/7!

What would life be like if you could say your own opinion and not have someone completely tear it apart. What if I write a opinionated blog post? Would I lose my readers, would they just view it as my opinion, would they tear me apart? 10 other people just wrote about a topic I was going to write about. Do I still write it? Will they think I am copying? Do they even read my blog? Why do I care so much about every little thing and what other people think about me?

What would life be like if we could just go back to when I was a little girl, where I was able to ride my bike in our development and not have a care in the world. Where kids could have a little freedom.  I won't let my girls out of my sight til they move out of our house.  Which leads me too all my worrying.

How do people with children have so much time on their hands? I wake up, shower, get the girls up, make breakfast. Get kids fed, play or run errands with them.  Nap time=clean the house, edit pictures, or shower if I didn't get one before the girls woke up. Kids wake up play some more, make dinner, eat, clean up dinner... wait who am I kidding, the girls won't let me clean, they want my full undivided attention.  Ok have them help me clean.  Give them dishes to load in the dishwasher...they are making a bigger mess (I should have waited til they went to bed). Bath time, story time with daddy, bedtime. Downstairs pick up all the toys, sit down, spend some time with Ian if he hasn't fallen asleep, blog, Facebook, and pinterest.  Oh no it's midnight, one of the girls will probably be up at any moment (yes, they are two, yes Zoey still gets up at this for another post to explain).  Try to sleep can't.  What was that noise, is some one breaking in, get up and check on the girls with what feels like the millionth time.  Reminds me, Ian we need to get a dog so I can sleep at night.  Wait, I hate dogs.  The slobber, the barking, the shedding, licking my girls. Gross.  But I would feel better, especially living in this big house.  I would love to start a etsy shop. I have a million bows and fabric, but with what time?

At the end of the day these issues seem so small.  I have bigger issues to worry about like: what preschool to send the girls too, sign them up for dance and gymnastics, paint and decorate the house, fix my resume for when the girls start pre-preschool next year I can go back to work the days they are in school( best thing about being a nurse, making your own hours and picking up when YOU are able too).

I am always afraid of what others may think of me.  Maybe that is why I am so quiet and shy.  I don't know. I am going to be myself, best thing is I can be myself on here because some of you don't know me!  I want to show the girls that they need to be themselves and to not worry about what other people may think of them.  Just be you!  I will treat them like individuals.  Just because they are twins, and they will grow up together; I will never treat them as one unit.  They are each their own person.  To you mommy of twins out there, please remember that!

This is off topic but: people need to watch what they say.  We were at the grocery store today, and some lady came up to me and said how do you tell them apart.  One looks like she has fat cheeks compared to the other.  Number one: don't say that to a mother, and secondly: they have the same face and cheeks.  Are you blind?  Then she proceeded to say: you are lucky you have two gorgeous twins and neither of them are ugly.  Most twins I see one is ugly and one is cute.  WHAT?!?! did you really just say that to me.  Lets just say I looked and at her and walked may have gotten ugly if I continued to let her talk to me.
Picnic at the park, they are such girly girls!  Just got done freaking out over a  bee that was 15 feet away!  

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2012 Olympics!

One of my favorite times every four years is the summer Olympics! I love everything about them, the thrill I get sitting at the edge of my seat during gymnastics and swimming.  At times I feel like Aly Raisman's parents.  I feel like I am living through them, that I know them, and that they are my best friends!  Weird? Right, I know!

There were only certain times our parents let us stay up late, during  special occasions such as the winter Olympics and the Cleveland Indians world series in 1997 (yes it was a school night, but it was a once in a probably (the way Cleveland is looking) lifetime event our parents wanted us to experience!)

I remember the summer Olympics of 1996 so vividly! Maybe because it was in the United States,  it was live during our U.S. time, and there was no facebook, twitter, internet ruining it.  Does anyone else think the NBC coverage is horrible?  Maybe because I wished I was those girls, but I still remember that day!  I remember watching it with my family, sitting, jumping, clenching our fists and eyes during the balance beam routines, yelling at the gymnasts like they could hear me: land it, don't fall, come on girls!  The magnificent 7 were amazing!  I loved those girls!  I even went to college with Dominique Moceanu (very sweet person, she even performed some skills during anatomy and physiology class for the 12 of us that were in it!)

Kerri did it though.  I still remember that moment, where my sister and I started crying.  The moment she landed it, the moment her coach carried her off, and them receiving the gold medal.  I could lie and say we just got teary eyed and that I don't have any of the newspapers saved, but that would be awful of me.  Yes, I did cry (not tears, full blown crying!), yes I did save every magazine and newspaper article from those Olympics.  You ask, do I still have them?  Absolutely, in my memory box! Even for my birthday that October, my mom took me to see them perform at the Gund Arena.  So to get to relive that moment last night watching the fab 5, it brought be back to when I was a little girl watching the magnificent 7!  No, I did not cry, but I did get teary-eyed.  I wanted to cheer, but I had a very sick little girl laying next to me and did not want to wake her!

So I will cheer now, AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! It was a great moment!  A moment I hope I get with my girls.  I can't wait til they are older and understand.  I can't wait to keep them up late for moments like this and to see them so happy and excited!  I don't know if they will be able to experience that with any Cleveland sports (they may have to be a Pittsburgh fans like their daddy, before you throw me hate emails, Ian was born and raised in Pittsburgh so you can't be mad at the man!)

I am most excited for those little experiences with my girls, like I had with my mom and sister.  I pray there will be moments like this.  Like the Magnificent 7, Fab 5, Michael Phelps, Missy Franklin, and so on...

I also hope they find that hobby that they absolutely fall in love with.  It was dance for me, competitive cheerleading for my sister.  Who knows I may have two gymnasts or dancers, two amazing little girls who may want to go all the way.

here are some videos of our dance parties we have every evening in our household and just because I think they are so cute!
Just wait til you see their singing videos!  Coming me maybe?!?!