Tuesday, November 27, 2012

halfway to 3!

Wow, where has the time gone.  From the time you both turned two until now, so much has changed.  I think back to when you girls were babies, and I have a hard time remembering things.  I will look at pictures and tear up just remembering those times!  It is amazing how much you two have changed, my precious babies are growing up so fast.  Daddy says you are little women. He is so right, you can have a conversation just like adults do.

I am understanding the "enjoy these moments because they will be all grown up before you know it"  It is so true, I feel like the days are going so fast and before I can blink your a day older, 6 months older, a year older.

Here are some things that have happened these past few months:

Tantrums are fewer and fewer, which is so nice.  It is nice because there is less throwing things, and kicking!  Yes, Zoey when you get mad, you have a little temper and throw things.  Harly you like to scream high pitched at the top of your lungs and kick.  You are understanding everything, you know right from wrong, and you are just a joy to be around even with those few tantrums.  Daddy thanks you often because you are finally out of the screaming, crying stage.  He loves this happy little grown up stage!

There are challenging days, you two are just so strong willed and definitely girly girls!  You are so smart that you challenge me everyday, you get bored and want to do harder things.  It is crazy how smart you two are!  You two like to be independent and get dressed by yourself.  Those days are great though because we all get to learn and grow as a family!  I love a challenge too, it makes me a better mommy! If you didn't challenge mommy and daddy then our lives would be dull, so keep doing it!

Its easier for mommy and daddy to ask one of you to calm down your sister.  When we can't get you guys to calm down or understand what is wrong through your tears, we just ask your sister and she can calm you in 2 seconds.  there are times where you are so upset you go into another room, your sister will come find you, hold you, rub your back, kiss and hug you, and bring you back to where we are.  It is the sweetest thing in the world.  I would be lying if I said I don't cry often! 

You two LOVE to help with everything.  From cooking, to baking, to folding the laundry and sweeping the floor.  You want to be a grown up, though you really do not like to pick up your toys!
The "why" questions have started and I love every minute of it! I never say because I said so.  I also refuse to say that because you should understand.  When I tell you not to do something and you ask why, I give you an explanation, same with when you just ask why questions.  I don't want to be that mom who says because I said so.  You two also talk up a storm and sometimes we can't get you to stop!  It is the cutest thing! 

You both love to explain everything.  Whatever you do or whatever question I ask you, you will explain it and not give me a one word answer.  Daddy and I give each other credit for this because we don't like to give you one word answers either!  You both also express your feelings.  You tell me your happy, sad, mad, or scared.  It is so cute!

Nap time is awesome!  You both fall asleep the minute I say its nap time.  It is GREAT!  Bedtime is a million times better!  From the moment we switched you to big girls beds, it has been easier.  You are sleeping through the night 98% of the time too which is fabulous!

I love how excited you get the minute you hear the garage open and daddy lock his car!  You both run around the island, then to the door and open it.  You both say daddy I can't see you (because it is dark outside).  When you do spot him, "there you are daddy."  Then the giggles start, daddy gets in the house and you jump in his arms.  It is an amazing site, you love him so much.  You ask to go see him at work, and ask me 5 times a day when daddy will be home.  I love bedtime when you wrap your little arms around daddy as he lays on your floor and reads you a story.  When you look him in the eyes, take his face in your hands and kiss him.  Then you shout back to each other I love you for a couple minutes!  Daddy always tells me that he loves this stage!

You two love baby dolls, trains, Dora, and playing games.  I love our family game nights, they are the best!  You love to chase each other around the whole house.  Dance, and sing are two of your favorite things.  You both can do this all day long and be happy, as long as you have a tutu or dress on!  You like to dress up in mommy's clothes, so you can be a mommy and take care of your baby dolls.  Its the cutest thing ever!

The love you have for each other is indescribable!  You two may fight here and there, but the sweetness outweighs the fighting.  you are always helping each other out, calming each other down, dancing together, singing together, and watching you play baby and mommy role is my absolute favorite!  I can't get over how much you have changed.  Going from infants, to babies, to toddlers has been amazing.  It has truly been a blessing to watch you both grow up and watch you achieve each milestone.  I am lucky to be able to watch this, and will be so sad next year when you start preschool.  I can't even believe you will be going to school already and I will be losing two hours with you guys.  I think this is going to be harder on me than you two!

I love you more and more everyday.  I can't wait to continue this journey called parenting with you two.  You girls are the greatest gift I could have ever been given, besides your daddy!  Thank you for making me so happy, you two bring so much joy to your mommy and daddy!  I am so proud at the way you two have been growing up and turning into amazing little girls who will one day change the world.  You two are so unbelievably smart, caring, and just all around sweet!  I love you always and forever!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

car seat safety

I got a chance to join a twitter party with Ali Landry, Britax, and hundreds of other mommies and daddies regarding car seat safety, and I would like to pass it along to all of you!

Keep kids rear facing until TWO.  Yes, I know it sucks, but it is for their safety.  Their neck muscles are not strong enough for an impact. Hopefully you will never be in a car accident, but you just don't know.  I thought I would have never been in one, but I was.  I was 25 weeks pregnant when I was in a car accident.  If I had the girls and they were forward facing before two, they probably would have been severly injured.  Something I don't want to think about.  We kept the girls rear facing til 2.  I know it stinks not being abe to see them or give them things but it is for their safety!

Latch system limits.  If you vehicle has the latch system use it.  Do not use this system and the seat belt together.  One thing I learned is vehicles have a latch limit, that you have to stop using the latch system once your child hits 40lbs.  The latch system is will not protect your child if you continue to use it after they hit 40lbs.  You NEED to switch to the seatbelt when this happens!

Installation- Take it to the fire/police department and have them check it.

Place children in the middle of the back row.  I have twins so I was not able to do this, they are each next to a window.  The safest place for a child is in the middle though.

Winter- do NOT put a heavy coats on them in the car seat.  Yes, its cold but that coat will not save their life in a car accident.  Those straps are loosened for the coat, not the child.  When the girls were little, I would just wrap them in a blanket to get in and out of somewhere.  Now that they are older I put them both in their seats, and take their coats off before I buckle.  Then when I unbuckle I put their coats back on.  Yes its a pain, but its my childrens safety, it takes 2-5 minutes out of your time, so what, you can spare 2-5 minutes!

Register you seats!

Read your manual, and don't let the car seat move more than an inch

Checking harness-  harness is tight enough when you can't pinch the webbing or staps at the collarbone.  Clip should be at armpit level.

There is a ton of info on the government websites also.  Please keep your children safe!