Sunday, April 21, 2013

A crazy two months!

It has been a very crazy two months!  From traveling for both sad and happy occasions, to a hospital visit and an IV for 3 days.

Harly won herself a visit to the E.R. back in March on a Sunday.  After 5 hours in the E.R., we went back to Nani's house.  After a day of not eating, drinking, or peeing, she won an emergency trip to the doctors on Tuesday.  She got an IV and we stayed there for 5 hours getting fluids and antibiotics.  She came home with an IV in and I had to flush it every 4 hours.  Back to the doctors at 8am Wednesday morning to be hooked up to fluids and antibiotics for another 5 hours and waiting for her to pee, and drink something.  Came home again with the IV, mommy flushing it every 4 hours.  Thursday, back at 8am.  From all the fluids she developed pneumonia.  Hooked back up with fluids and antibiotics.  Dr. had a long talk with her about eating and drinking, and not being afraid to use the potty.  She finally got the IV removed that afternoon, but would be going back to the doctors the next week for follow up appointments.

I was an extremely sleep deprived mommy.  My mom and sister came up to help me out.  Daddy took a day off of work, and I missed my other baby.  It was nice having one on one time with Harly, I don't ever get alone time with them individually.  I got a whole week.  But I missed my Zoey so much.

Having to watch your child go through that and being a nurse and knowing what is going on sucks.  It was the hardest thing in the world.  I just wanted to hold her, protect her, comfort her.  I wish she didn't have to go through what she went through, but she had too.  It was the only way she could get better.  If I could have done it at home and avoided the hospital and doctors I would have, but I couldn't.

Harly did awesome.  I was so proud of her.  She did everything she was suppose too and was the bravest little girl ever!  She made me so proud.

Zoey got quality time with Titi, Nani, and Daddy.  She was in great care.  She got to do her favorite thing, SHOP!  She is the shopping queen!  She definitely was jealous and missed her mommy, but I spent much needed quality time with her that weekend!

One of the hardest days out of all this was Thursday.  Everything caught up to Harly and she had a meltdown.  Screaming and crying to where I could not get her to calm down.  I carried her to her room, I sat down on the floor with her in my arms.  She hit me and kicked me over and over for a good 5 minutes.  I let her.  I knew she needed to get her frustrations out.  After 5 minutes she collapsed in my arms and I held her tight and cried with her.  I can't imagine what her mind was going through, how she was processing it.

I wrote this post because I wanted you all to know that you know your own child.  If you feel there is something off with them, if your gut is telling you this, don't sit back on it.  Call the doctor.  No question is a dumb question.  When in doubt just call them, their nurse can answer your question and if it is serious they will get the doctor on the phone.