Saturday, July 23, 2011

tips part 2!

Ok, sorry I have been away.  Zoey decided to start regressing at night, most likely due to vacation.  The beach is a place my husband and I absolutely love.  We really wanted the girls to like it.  did they?  Well they did not like it the first two days, then they got used to it a little during the middle of the week, they love it by the end of the week and of course it was time to leave :(.

1.) Pool at the house-  We were lucky to be able to be at a house that was oceanfront with a private pool.  This pool definitely came in handy.  When we first took the girls to the beach and put them on a blanket, they were ok, but the minute any part of their body touched the sand or ocean, they screamed.  Yes the beach can be scary, they never touched sand, and the waves crashing can be a little scary.  So Ian and I decided not to force it and we would go to the pool.  They LOVED the pool, thank goodness!  So we were able to hang out outside and still enjoy they weather in OBX.  We also had a ton of help from family!  We each took turns going to the beach and relaxing!

2.) baby pool on the beach-  I got a lot of pointers from previous family and friends with infants about this.  GREAT thing to do!  My sister brought a little inflatable pool and we filled it will some salt water.  The girls actually enjoyed this a lot.  We put it under canopy to keep them out of the sun and they played with all their sand toys in it.

3.) Stroller to the beach-  We did not bring the pack and play to the beach or a baby tent for them to sleep in.  We would bring the stroller down to the beach and have them nap in it.  They did very well and took two naps in it.  Towards the end of the week when they started getting used to the sand, we put them on the blanket. But with this there are many different things you could do.  We just didn't want to be stuck in the house on vacation.

4.) Music-  When we put the girls to bed, they always have a cd playing.  We continued to do this at the beach and it worked.  Now my family is crazy!! When we are on vacation we have a fun time!  So I knew when the girls went to bed, I had to play music to drown out all the noise.  Highly recommend if you are going with a big group and planning on staying up late!

Everyone has asked me:  Did their schedule get ruined.  Well that was one thing my husband and I had a hard time trying to figure out if we should keep the same there as it is at home.  We have the girls on a very tight schedule, because we two the same age, if they weren't on the same schedule I would get nothing done and it would just be a mad house here.  So we decided to try and keep the schedule the same as much as we could besides the naps, which were done at the beach instead of the crib.  The girls did very well except for the fact of them getting up at 6:30am instead of their normal time (7:30am), but that is ok, because we wanted to get to the beach early.

Overall vacation we feel was a success!!!

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