Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy birthday Harly and Zoey!

Harly and Zoey,
   My baby girls!  But, you both aren't anymore and you make sure you correct mommy all the time.  "Big girl, mommy"  Wow, two years old.  These past two years have felt so short.  Time has definitely moved a lot faster than ever before in my life!  You guys keep daddy and me on our toes at all time.  There is never a dull or quiet moment in our house, well unless mommy turns the vaccum on.  The vaccum, it scares both of you too death.  You cry and run to the couch.  You sit and hold each other.  I have learned that if I want 10 minutes of piece and quiet, all I have to do is turn it on, and go over the area about 5 times!

You two are talkers!  You never stop talking, all day long!  It is amazing to see how far you two have come, you have exceeded all expectations when it comes to twin statistics!  You two know twinkle, twinkle, your alphabet, and all the rock & roll elmo songs; you both love to sing, especially when you are laying in bed or coloring!  You love to dance, you could dance 24/7, it is the cutest thing and you are so good at it!  You know all your body parts, including your wrist, elbows, and ankles.  Your "babies" are your favorite toys at this time.  You two are such good mommies to those dolls! When we tell you we are going to the park, you both get so happy, clap your hands and say in .02 seconds, "swing, slide, weee!"

Ornery? Oh yes, at times!  Both of you love to push the limits- testing us on what you can get away with.  No matter how far you take our patience, you two are still so sweet, kind, and loving.  My favorite moments are when you come up snuggle, and say "I wuv you mommy, or I wuv you daddy."  You hand out hugs and kisses all the time.  You love to grab our faces and squeeze, you think its so funny.  Climbing out of your cribs and pack n plays is what you both have recently learned.  Bedtimes are rough!  You both drag it on, " one more book, drink of milk, mommy lay with me, sit on potty, and the list goes on."  With all of the testing and the typical one time-out a week, you both are very good kids!  You both are so smart, just like your daddy!  You two are way to smart for your age.  I don't know where you learn half the stuff you know. 

Do you two have your battles?  Absolutely!  You two are very attached to each other and have to be in the same room, but when it comes to daddy or me, you both get jealous and want our attention at the same time.  So it becomes the battle of mommy or daddy's lap!  I love to watch you two interact, not only are you sisters, but your best friends!  You say "love you sissy" to each other, love to hug each other all day long, love to make each other laugh, and your new game is chasing each other saying "I get you sissy, and tickling each other!"  Its seriously the cutest thing in the world!

You are all about daddy lately.  When daddy leaves, we leave without him, or if he has to run outside and will be back in two seconds, you girls flip out.  You scream so hard and say "daddy come back."  It breaks my heart.  You love him so much.  Daddy and I tried to go for a walk and left you with papa and mike mike.  You both screamed, so we turned around.  You both do not like to be away from us even when you are with family. If a saying was ever true, its "daddy's little girls!"

You are very happy children, and definitely girly girls.  You are obsessed with dresses, hair accessories, shoes, and nail polish (this is all comes from your titi)!  You are obsessed with dogs, bikes, trains and pools.  You are scared of loud noises like motorcycles, the military planes that fly over on a daily basis, lawn mowers, and trucks.

I love you, I love you, I love you.  You keep me going, you have taught me to be a better mom, wife, and person all around.  You drive mommy crazy some days, but if you didn't, it would be such a boring day!  You girls love excitement and adventure!  You both are so easy going and laid back, but can be strong willed when you want something!  Thank you for making mommy the proudest and happiest mommy in the world!  I have so much more to say, but I can't put it into words.  I hope that one day you are my best friend.  I want to be the person you can always count on, I want to be your safe place, where you can always come.  I want to be your comfort, and shoulder to cry on.  I want to be your role model, your inspiration, your cheerleader, coach, and counselor.  I pray that you will always think your beautiful and never worry about what you look like on the outside; what is important is the inside, that you will grow into honest, respectful, confident, loving human beings, and that you always follow what is in your heart.  I already know you two are going to change the world, for the better!  Happy Happy birthday to my vibrant, sweet, baby girls!

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