Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I have a lot of people with multiples asking me about milestones. I am not a fan of people who make a big deal about milestones in front of everyone, especially because it is always the one who's child exceeded a milestone early, or the people who tell you that your child is behind or that they will never catch up.  When I delivered the girls, I got an email to subscribe to baby centers milestone updates.  I am also not a fan of those, I have been getting weekly updates from the day they were born.

Let me just tell you all, milestones are GUIDELINES!  With that being said, your child should meet these milestones, but at their own pace and when they are ready.  Some babies achieve the milestones before the targeted age, some achieve it right on the day, and some don't achieve it for a couple weeks.  Don't worry, and DON'T listen to the other not so nice mothers (yes, we have all encountered them!) who like to make you feel like your not doing a good job, or that your child will be delayed.  If you have any concern at all, talk to your pediatrician.

Every child develops differently, if they all developed the same then it would not be fun and exciting.  I don't mind that they are sometimes delayed because I get to watch other children who are a month or more older than the girls and see what I am in for!  I get to keep them at their previous stage a couple weeks longer!  Just embrace it, enjoy it, and don't rush them!  When they are ready, they will let you know or show you.  It is an awesome feeling watching your children change day to day!

The girls have been delayed by about a week from the time they were born (sometimes longer such as walking).  Now they are starting to achieve them right around the correct time frame.  Our pediatrician told us that by around two this would happen! The girls were ahead of one milestone that I got in an email.  At 22 months, it said that children will begin to jump, but not off 2 feet yet and that it will take a couple weeks to a month.  Well, the girls have been jumping off two feet since they were 21 months old!

Here is just a fun clip of the girls!

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