Friday, June 8, 2012

Five for Friday- FAQs: twin questions

There are going to be more than 5 comments I get with my twins.

1.) Are they twins? Yes, They are dressed the same, they are the same size, and they look identical.

2.) Are they boy/girl? No, they both have bows or flowers in their hair, and they both have long hair.  Where in this mix do you see a boy?

3.) Are they identical?  We are not sure.  We would either have to go to the doctors and pay to get them tested or do an at home swab test.  Either way, this is not a concern of ours.  It wouldn't change anything.

4.) Did you do in-vitro, or medications? No, they were conceived naturally.

5.) Do twins run in your family?  Yes, my great-grandma was a twin.

6.) What are their names?  Harly and Zoey.  Once I say their names, I usually get a half smile and those are different, or why those names.  It is ok if you don't like the name we chose, they are not your children.  They just need to bite their tongue, fib a little, and say those are nice or cute. I may not like the names you chose for your children.

7.) Are their personalities different?  One is more laid back than the other.  One has more piercing cry than the other.  

8.)  Double trouble, bet you are busy?  Yes, I am. 

9.) How do you do it?  (I usually pause with this question)  If Ian is with us- he loves to give funny, but smart answers (he is a big jokster!) I know no different, but glad I was given this opportunity to raise twins. (Sometimes I want to say, you have three children with you right now, they may be different ages, but your managing.) 

10.) Are you their mom or Are you old enough to have children?  Yes I am.  (Thinking in my head, thank you for making me feel young!)

11.) Are you going to have more children?  Yes, we are going to try again in the future.

12.) How do you take them out alone, you are brave?  Thank you? I really don't give a response to this, just smile.  This question gets me every time, I am not about to stay in the house all day every day.

13.) how do you tell them apart? One sucks her thumb, one takes a bink.  Their hair parts in opposite directions.  I am with them 24/7.

* People will stop us for 5 minutes or longer and tell us that they are a twin, their aunt is a twin, or their friend's cousin's friend is a twin.  And continue to tell us stories. (this irritates me a little because, I don't have time to stop.)

*What is helpful:  The mom's who have twins, but continue to walk while yelling back advice, or just saying it will get easier.

*To those people who try to hold you up:  I am sure it comes off rude, but I just keep walking.  I can't sit and listen, I try to never stop because than you will never get away. My advice is to just keep walking, and every twin mommy will tell you the same thing!

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