Thursday, June 28, 2012

2 year check-up

2 weeks ago, the girls had their 2 year check-up.  We had to find a new pediatrician, and I really like her.  She came in and started talking to the girls before me.  She also gave them a book each.  They will get a book at every well visit, which is pretty awesome, they are nice books too!

Stats:  The girls finally made it out of the 20-30th percentile that they have been in since they were born.

       Harly                                                                                              Zoey

Weight: 28lbs                                                                                  Weight: 27lbs

Height: 35 inches                                                                              Height: 34 inches

I knew they were getting a shot at this visit.  I have done about 98% of their visits by myself.  It was easier when they were younger.  I wasn't sure how I was going to handle this visit, I was panicking right before we walked in.  But in the end there was absolutely nothing to worry about.

The girls did awesome.  Harly went first for the exam, she sat all by herself on the table.  She would look at me and get the biggest smile on her face, like "look at me mommy, mommy so proud of me!"  It was the cutest thing!  Zoey went next, and she did the same thing.  She would giggle and had the biggest smile!

The doctor and I talked for a little bit.  Then it was time for the shots.  Zoey went first.  I set Harly up in the chair with her book.  I put Zoey on the table.  I was instructed to lay her down, hold her arms in the air, and give her a hug and kiss.  After I did that, it was over.  I looked up at Zoey and there were no tears at all!  I was so proud, I gave her kisses and told her how proud I was.  I set her up in the chair with her book, and got Harly.  I did the same thing with Harly, and once again no tears!  I praised her and kissed her also! 


The bandaid, the bandaid ruined it.  When the bandaid went on, she screamed, and said no bandaid, no bandaid.  This then set Zoey off and she said no bandaid, no bandaid.  I ripped both bandaids off and they were fine again!  Really, you two flip over the bandaid and not the shot? 

After, we went to fossil park to look for dinosaur bones.  We then went to get ice cream.  We took it to daddy's work and ate it with him!  We ended the day with swimming lessons!
Walking to fossil park

love when they randomly grab each others hands!

Held hands all the way down the ramp, melts my heart!

Best friends!

digging for fossils
Now if I could just get them to keep their hair accessories in, so their hair isn't always in their face, but they will only keep it in if they are in a dress! Oh girls will be girls (they don't get this from me!)

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