Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2012 Olympics!

One of my favorite times every four years is the summer Olympics! I love everything about them, the thrill I get sitting at the edge of my seat during gymnastics and swimming.  At times I feel like Aly Raisman's parents.  I feel like I am living through them, that I know them, and that they are my best friends!  Weird? Right, I know!

There were only certain times our parents let us stay up late, during  special occasions such as the winter Olympics and the Cleveland Indians world series in 1997 (yes it was a school night, but it was a once in a probably (the way Cleveland is looking) lifetime event our parents wanted us to experience!)

I remember the summer Olympics of 1996 so vividly! Maybe because it was in the United States,  it was live during our U.S. time, and there was no facebook, twitter, internet ruining it.  Does anyone else think the NBC coverage is horrible?  Maybe because I wished I was those girls, but I still remember that day!  I remember watching it with my family, sitting, jumping, clenching our fists and eyes during the balance beam routines, yelling at the gymnasts like they could hear me: land it, don't fall, come on girls!  The magnificent 7 were amazing!  I loved those girls!  I even went to college with Dominique Moceanu (very sweet person, she even performed some skills during anatomy and physiology class for the 12 of us that were in it!)

Kerri did it though.  I still remember that moment, where my sister and I started crying.  The moment she landed it, the moment her coach carried her off, and them receiving the gold medal.  I could lie and say we just got teary eyed and that I don't have any of the newspapers saved, but that would be awful of me.  Yes, I did cry (not tears, full blown crying!), yes I did save every magazine and newspaper article from those Olympics.  You ask, do I still have them?  Absolutely, in my memory box! Even for my birthday that October, my mom took me to see them perform at the Gund Arena.  So to get to relive that moment last night watching the fab 5, it brought be back to when I was a little girl watching the magnificent 7!  No, I did not cry, but I did get teary-eyed.  I wanted to cheer, but I had a very sick little girl laying next to me and did not want to wake her!

So I will cheer now, AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! It was a great moment!  A moment I hope I get with my girls.  I can't wait til they are older and understand.  I can't wait to keep them up late for moments like this and to see them so happy and excited!  I don't know if they will be able to experience that with any Cleveland sports (they may have to be a Pittsburgh fans like their daddy, before you throw me hate emails, Ian was born and raised in Pittsburgh so you can't be mad at the man!)

I am most excited for those little experiences with my girls, like I had with my mom and sister.  I pray there will be moments like this.  Like the Magnificent 7, Fab 5, Michael Phelps, Missy Franklin, and so on...

I also hope they find that hobby that they absolutely fall in love with.  It was dance for me, competitive cheerleading for my sister.  Who knows I may have two gymnasts or dancers, two amazing little girls who may want to go all the way.

here are some videos of our dance parties we have every evening in our household and just because I think they are so cute!
Just wait til you see their singing videos!  Coming me maybe?!?!

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