Monday, December 3, 2012

Mommy obsession

My mommy obsession is the Royals.  I am obsessed with Princess Kate and Prince William!  I have always been obsessed with them since they were dating.  I know I don't know him, but from the sounds of it and just watching him, Prince William seems like a genuine person.  Someone who is going to protect his wife and take very good care of her.  I love Princess Kate because she is sweet, and from the looks of it her parents raised an amazing person.  I love her because she recycles her wardrobe.  She has reworn outfits, she doesn't pay a fortune for some of her clothes.  What other celebrity has done that?  She has all the money in the world, yet she has reworn clothes and bought a 30 dollar dress.  Celebrities are big in this world and children look up to them.  This is one person I wouldn't mind my children looking up too.  (Yes, yes I know she has billions of dollars and had a very exprensive wedding, that could have been given to charities or a lot of people in need.)  Yes, my children and I watched the wedding!  They may have only been 11 months, and have had no idea what was happening but we had a royal party that day!

So, when my sister texted me and told me she was pregnant, the girls and I had a little dance party for them.  At nap time I decided to jump on the computer real fast, and read she was in the hospital with severe morning sickness.  It sent me back to when I was pregnant and on zofran for a while.  Maybe she is having twins?  How exciting would that be?  It would not be so exciting for the second twin though :(.

I stalk their website often, and wish Kate would start her own blog, I know this will never happen though!  Oh how I would love to meet both of them.  I would love to meet Prince Harry too, he seems like he gets along with everyone.  I am pretty sure he would never want to hang out with a mommy!

So there, I confessed to my obsession! 

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge website

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