Friday, April 13, 2012

Stranger danger

This is part two of my last post. 

We try to teach our kids and instill fear into them about strangers.  We tell them not to talk to strangers.  To never get in the car with a stranger or take candy from a stranger.  Natalie from the Today show just did a segment on this.  But yet we are contradicting ourselves and here is why:

1.  Halloween-  We go out and take candy from strangers.  What is that teaching our children.  We just told them to never take candy from strangers, but its ok if mom or dad is there?  That is making it very confusing for the children
    *Solution for us:  We didn't take the girls to any strangers houses for halloween.  We only went to the neighbors we know and who the girls know.  We will continue this tradition even if it may only be 5 houses.

2. We tell them never to talk to strangers.  But wait, 5 strangers in the store just stopped me and said how cute my kids were, and asked them their names.  I told the girls to say thank you for the comments.  I am telling my children to talk to strangers.  Again contradicting everything that I am trying to teach my children.  So again do I tell them, that they can talk to strangers only when mommy and daddy are around?  These evil people know how to carry on small talk with children to make the children trust them.
     *Solution for us:  I don't have one so if anyone with older children have one please leave a comment or email me!  It would help tremendously!

3. Never go into a strangers vehicle or pet their animals.  With this I have to watch Natalie's segment on that and I will take any advice too.

There is so much more to stranger danger now than when I was a little girl.  I was able to ride up and down the street hang out with friends on the street.  Now its like you can't even leave your yard, let alone be in your front yard.

I am nervous, paranoid, and have a huge fear regarding all of this.  I don't want to instill to much fear into the girls that they will never go outside, leave our side, or withdraw when people talk to them.  I don't want to not instill enough fear into them that they will think it is nothing if someone if a stranger comes up to them.  Which one won't because I will be that parent that is always involved with my children, always outside, never leaving them alone, and all the kids in the neighborhood will hang out at my house.  I am also lucky to have pretty shy girls when it comes to strangers, they always look at me for reassurance which is good.  I hope it stays that way!

How do you talk to your children, and what advice do you give them? 

I leave you with a couple pictures of our precious girls and two of Gavin because I just love him so much too!



Gavin and his adorable big eyes!

Gavin and his mommy!

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