Sunday, July 1, 2012

swimming lessons!

The girls had their first swimming lession.  It was for one week, every night.  They loved it!

It was really fun, and to see them enjoying it and having a good time was pretty awesome.  their favorite part was jumping off the edge.  They started getting lazy toward the end of the week, they just wanted to float.  I think it was just too much in one week.  We will be doing more swimming lessons, but only one night a week.

I didn't get pictures, because those of you with twins know that you have to have a person for each child, so yes Ian and I were both in the pool.  One of the tasks by the end of the week was putting your child under water.  I had a big issue with that.  All week they kept saying, "parents, you don't want them to be afraid of going under,  it is better to put them under and show them that it is ok."  I am not a fan of pushing children to go under water.  By Friday, Ian and I decided to just put them under once since it was the last day.  they did better than we thought, and I think what made it easier is we both went under with them. 

We will not pressure them with going under water, we will not force them to go under either.  It will be up to them.  They started blowing bubbles in our development's pool so that was great to see!

I would take the girls to the pool in the development and they would listen and play only on the steps.  Well after swimming lessons, they now try to jump in the pool not even waiting for us to get ready to catch them.  Needless to say, I have not taken them alone since the lessons, but will be braving it again with this heat wave we are having! 

Ok, now I am going to vent a little:  To the parents of a singleton.  Can you please schedule your classes during the week with your child.  Please leave saturdays to those families who do have twins and have to have two people in the water.  This was a big issue for me.  There were stay at home moms there who were signing up for the saturday classes because they didn't want to go in the water.  Don't you want that experience with your child?  Suck it up and get in the water.  Also if you don't want to get in the water and your spouse gets home early enough, then the least you could do is sign up for the evening classes during the week.  Unfortunately, Ian doesn't get home til late, and I can't take the girls alone, so we need those saturday classes. 
Thank you very much,
from a mommy of twins who would like her children to have the same opportunities as a single child has!

Here are two picture of them playing at their new house, in the backyard! (more on the new house to come and moving with toddlers!)


Zoey! Mommy interrupted her working on filling up her bucket!

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