Monday, July 9, 2012

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We had our first 4th of July in our new house!  This is the third 4th of July the girls were apart of.

1st- they were only about 6 weeks old, we were all in bed by 7!

2nd- they were 13 months old.  We were all in bed by 8!

This year fireworks were on July 3rd, we were debating on letting the girls stay up for the fireworks.  That morning, we decided to put them to bed at their normal time....

well that changed...

We moved into a large development.  Every house was having a party except us (family and friends, next year!)  We were invited to our next door neighbors party.  We went over there for a little bit after dinner. The girls were having so much fun playing with the other kids, we decided to just play it by ear with bedtime. 


Everyone and their mother decided to shoot off fireworks right in front of our house, and the girls flipped.  then it started pouring down rain out of nowhere, and we took cover under a patio umbrella.  Oh yea and I left my iphone outside at our house...

Best part about the fireworks is you can see them from our backyard.  they shoot them off the bridge on the river.  They were far enough away that it was not loud.  They both started falling alseep in our arms around 10 and we were about to walk home (there was a delay from the rain), but they finally started and the girls woke up.  they loved every minute of it!  We said goodbye to all our new friends and the girls went to bed without a fuss and slept in! 

4th of July day, Grandma DeeDee came to visit for a couple days!  Here are some pictures from the past couple days:
Our first juice box

so happy about it

Harly and me watching fireworks
Zoey hanging out with the neighbors and daddy
Watching the fireworks!

4th of July- Harly


getting ready to blow bubbles with grandma Dee Dee

farm animals at imagination station, checking out the chicks

Loved the nursery and hospital section!

taking very good care of her baby!

They will be great big sisters one day!

turning on the lights and sirens

Zoey got the ball on the air tube

playing the piano

ended the morning back at the farm animals section

just hanging out the rest of the weekend

having so much fun!

 We ended the day Sunday at the neighbors house, playing with all the kids!  Have I said how much I love our house and development!! The girls already have so many friends, it is awesome!  So happy with our decision!!

 Advice regarding noise:  I really don't have any, the girls are afraid of everything!  We have a train that is about two streets away, (sometimes I don't even hear it but they do and come running and crying).  They are afraid of the train, fireworks, if you raise your voice, little noises.
                    * I try to make the noises interesting, such as
Train: Train is not going to get you, its just tooting its horn for you to hear!
fireworks: They are loud, but they won't get you, they show you all the pretty colors you know in the sky!
Thunder:  It is just grandpa Benny and Jesus bowling in heaven!

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