Tuesday, October 23, 2012

play groups, twins club, meeting new people!

Since the girls have been born, I have stepped out of my shell.  Litttle history- I am a very shy and quiet person, before kids I would have not made an effort to meet new people, I have a hard time striking up a conversation.  That all changed when I had children. 

The girls were about 10 weeks when I decided to look for a play group to join.  I was thankful to know someone in a play group so that helped a lot.  I remember Ian's face and reaction when I told him I had joined a play group and already went to a meetup.  He was very shocked, but so happy and proud of me.  I loved that play group and miss them all dearly!  We are sad because we have not found one out here that compares to the one back home.  There was also a twins club back home that I really wanted to join.  It was not possible with all of Ian's traveling he did every week and it always landed on the day the meeting was.  I was determined to join one where we live now.

When we moved, Ian's new position did not require him to travel.  I decided this would be a great opportunity to join the twins club out here.  Well what I didn't know was that this club was recognized at state level and national level (NOMOTC).  I was able to go to the meeting, meet other twin mommies, and really enjoy myself.  I have mom's I can talk to who know what I am going through and who have been through it.  It was a lot of fun and I am looking forward to play dates with this group and the meetings.  Also our club is hosting the state convention this year, so that is exciting! 

We also have some pretty awesome neighbors who the girls love to play with.  The girls and I are starting to be little social butterflies.  My husband loves it too, and loves to see me come out of my shell!  It also feels good, I hold my own now and have really enjoyed this experience.  I also wanted to show the girls that they can do it too.  What I once thought was an uncomfortable situation, is now a joy!  I am trying to be better in areas that I was not for my children!

Apple picking with friends!

First bonfire at OUR new house with a some of the neighbors!

Had to put one of my baby girls and me in here!

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