Monday, October 1, 2012

Start of family nights: Family, Finding Nemo, snuggle time

I am so excited to do family nights!  The girls aren't old enough for board games yet, but I can't wait to have a family game night.  Two weekends ago, we decided to have a family movie night.  We don't let the girls watch a lot of T.V.  They watch about a 1/2 hour, but when they have bad days, we throw it on for a little longer just to get things done.

We didn't know if they would sit through a two hour movie.  The longest movie they watched was an hour movie on the car ride to vacation.  We wanted to give it a shot though and knew we could just turn it off and play.

I took the girls to the library and gave them some options.  In the end, they picked Finding Nemo.  There were a lot more scary parts than I realized and just had to reassure them that Nemo, Nemo: (aka Marlin), and Dory were OK.  They sat through the whole movie and loved it.  They continue to ask to watch it every day now.

They then found all the board games.  They were still wrapped and never opened.  We played candy land with the girls and they had fun picking out the cards for daddy and me!

It was a great family night, we all snuggled together and it was just perfect!  I look forward to many more family nights!

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