Friday, October 5, 2012

Potty Training 101: potty train in a day!

We have been putting the girls on the potty since they were 18 months.  They never peed or pooped on it, but they sat on it three times a day.  On their 2nd birthday, we got them potties.  With the relocation, living in temporary housing, moving into the new house, traveling, etc. we knew that we wouldn't start potty training til after summer was over.  This was the only thing out of parenting that I was dreading (and the teenage years!).  I had a lot of built up anxiety about potty training.  But it went better than I had expected.

The girls were ready, they would tell us when they were going potty in their diaper, and they would take their diapers off after they pooped.  I decided to start talking to them about the potty in September.  They would wear underwear some days, but pee in them.  My goal was just to get them used to underwear, the potty, and how it feels when you pee in your underwear.

We have a lot going on this month with every weekend booked, whether its parties or traveling, so I wasn't going to push potty training til at least November.  That all changed when Zoey asked me for underwear on Monday.  I was not about to say no and discourage it just because we were leaving Saturday.

I put them both in underwear.  Here is how it has been going:

Day 1: Monday
Harly: Every time she had to pee, she would pee in her underwear.  She would sit on the potty but never pee in it.
Zoey: No accidents!  Pee'd on the potty three times today! Sticker chart pulled out, and M&Ms to reward!

Day 2: Tuesday
Harly:  Accidents still, not peeing on the potty.  She is starting to become scared of the potty.
Zoey:  No pee accidents again!  Did have a poop accident in her underwear. Got M&Ms for going on the potty.

Day 3: Wednesday
Harly:  Crying every time she had to pee, begging for a diaper to be put on.  I have decided to not push her until she is more comfortable with the potty.  But so proud of her for trying!
Zoey:  No accidents!  Stickers, and M&Ms for reward

Day 4: Thursday
Zoey had three accidents today.  I knew we would end up regressing when she saw Harly in a diaper.  These accidents are partly my fault too.  Reason being- in the morning, Zoey was playing with her toys and she got up, ran, and stripped.  She sat on the potty and pee'd, never once telling me she had to pee.  So I got lenient and wasn't asking her throughout the day if she had to pee, which resulted in accidents.

Day 5: Friday
Zoey had no accidents.  She is starting to get sick of M&Ms as her reward, so we are going to go to the store and get new candy to keep her on a roll! Again she went on the potty without being told or asked too!  Daddy got to witness this too!  So proud of her!

I will start with Harly again, the issue is that these girls are outsmarting me with EVERYTHING (and I mean everything, they are way too smart)!  Harly knew that if she held her pee til naptime (which she did one day) that she would be getting a pull up on.  The minute I put it on her, she said, "I peeing."  With her it is going to come down to a power struggle.  Part of me feels guilty for not starting sooner, but there was just way to much chaos in our lives.  I also thought it would be the complete opposite because Zoey is very stubborn and strong willed.  We will get there though, and I am not worried.  I have all winter!

How I potty trained in one day:  I waited til they said they were ready.  We continued our normal routine.  They have been sitting on the potty for almost a year.  We have had a lot of talks about the potty too. I will let you know how potty training with Harly goes.  The hard part will be these next couple days with Zoey, due to I am sure the place we are going to won't have a potty 5 feet away from us.  I will be that annoying mom asking her child every 5 minutes if she has to go to the bathroom (sorry to everyone ahead of time!)  I know there will be a lot more accidents til she gets used to having to hold her pee til we find a potty, but I refuse to back down.  I don't want her to be discouraged and go back in diapers.  I will survive this, and I will have a ton of extra clothes on hand!  Plus daddy will be there to help, thank goodness!

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