Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Sorry I have been MIA this past week.  there are a lot of changes happening in our life.  I will fill you all in at some point.  What to look forward to on the blog:

*how to photograph in your home

* I could hold you in my arms forever part 2

* car seat safety

* decluttering all the kids toys (Thanks to Stephanie for writing a blog about this, can't wait to link her up and post our organized rooms)

* milestones!!! There were some exciting ones that have happened!  Such as not being able to get the girls to stop talking!

*sleepless nights, daylight savings

* potty training

* the continuous of our everyday, crazy dance parties!

and the list goes on...I can't wait to share all of this.  I have a few projects I am doing right now that are holding me back from being able to sit and blog.  One is for Erin who is battling cancer and her family, one is for other mothers of twins, and the last one is "staging our house"  The last one should give you a hint of the major changes going on in our lives!


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