Saturday, March 31, 2012

what did you just say?

We have been so busy lately, that I keep forgetting to write in the girls books about all their new milestones.  Today, Harly said a bad word!  She was helping me clean their high chairs and was trying to sit in it.  I had it flipped over, she was trying to fix it and sit in it, this is what it sounded like, "mommy, sh*t chair.  Mommy sh*t chair, MOMMY SH*T CHAIR!  uh oh!  what she was trying to say was mommy sit in chair.  That is not what it sounds like!  So all day we have been practicing the right way to say it, but so far it is not working!

They are all about singing their abc's and it is so cute!  They can say c, efg, p, s, v, and z.  O I just love it and will get a video posted of it so I can compare it in about a month when they can say it all!  I have one video but they are in the bathtub and I would rather not post that one!

They are getting good with their numbers! We pretty much have them all down, now it is just putting them in the right place.  Sometimes its 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 8, 10!

They repeat everything you say.  My new all day line is " sit down, please." They have this fascination with standing on the couch.  That is now Zoey's favorite line to Harly.  "Sit DOWN, sissy."  she emphasizes down!

Looking in the mirror, they still think it is sissy.  It is going to be so exciting the day they realize it is not sissy, it is them!
they could read books all day!

One of my favorite pics, they still sleep like this when they are in our bed, always touching and cuddling with each other!

One another note, we just got our twins day packet and I am so bummed we are not going to be able to make it.  One thing Ian and I have talked about was this.  We made a promise that no matter where we live, we will always go to twins day.  The girls have not missed one since they were born, this will be the first (but I can't pass up the beach!)  The good thing about this is the girls don't understand it yet and won't remember it.  We will do our best as they get older and start to understand to make sure to keep twins day weekend free for them to attend!

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