Wednesday, January 4, 2012

twins day

National Geographic did an article about twins day.  Here is the webpage for it.  It is very interesting!

Its crazy how identical twins are best friends, inseparable, look alike, yet they have different personalities.  After watching the girls grow day by day, I will have to agree with the doctor that they are identical.  They are everything this article describes.  There is slight difference in the face, but you have to really study to see it.  I get them mixed up all day long, but I know when they don't respond to the name I am calling, and when they look at me.  They talk the same, laugh the same, they are inseparable, and best friends!  When they look in the mirror, they always say sissy.  they think it is sissy in the mirror and not them!  Identical twins run in the family so this is what I am going with!

People always ask if they are identical or fraternal.  It is so hard to go into everything about what happened.  We just now tell people they are identical.  Will we get them tested at some point?  Eventually, but we are in no rush!  When we do I will let you all know, but I will go with all the doctors who have seen the girls, and examined the placentas and believe them when they say, "the girls are identical."

When it comes to raising twins, it can get difficult at times.  We never want one to feel left out.  We will never favor one over the other.  We love them both equally.  They each have different personalities and we will never change that or compare them to each other.  I want them to feel like an individual.  We will keep them together though, through school until they decide they want to be in separate classes.  I don't think that will ever happen though, because they are so attached to each other.  They freak out if one leaves the room, they always have to know where each one is. 

I hope you all enjoy this article.  Also look through the photo galleries of the study on identical twins, you can tell the twins apart due to the camera they used.  It is pretty amazing!

National Geographic magazine- twins day!

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