Monday, February 13, 2012

Sick Mommy

There should only be one rule in parenting:  that no parent is allowed to get sick or they can if it lands on a weekend when both are home!  I got sick during the week.  My husband had to work and I had no help.  Those three days the girls did awesome.  I was so proud of them.  I think they realized something was wrong when I couldn't move from the couch and they saw my head in the toilet and started crying.  They know you only sit on the potty, have not explained to them yet that you also throw up in the potty!

I will try and give some tips that I did those three days and hopefully they will help you too! Most of it is common sense though!

* tylenol, tylenol, tylenol!  I am not big a big fan about taking medicine, I have to be dying to take medicine.  As a nurse, I know to much about medicine and the body.  Well, I will tell you that the fever was taking over my body to where I couldn't even move, so I decided it was time to take tylenol.  I still had to take care of the kids, so I needed to be able to move. 

*designate yourself to only one room.  I decided that we would just bring some of the girls toys into the living room.  I didn't want to be in the playroom, cause then all the germs would get all over their stuff.  There comes a time where you don't care if the room is messy and if elmo and blues clues plays all day.  This was the day I didn't care.

* hand washing, hand sanitizer, and lysol (mine was natural, no harmful chemicals).  Anytime the girls wanted to snuggle, or touch me. I washed or sanitized my hands and made sure I didn't breathe on them.  They understood I was sick.  I told them that mommy couldn't cuddle, but that I could still watch them play and and clap for them when they did something good.  Those three days, they learned their shapes, because they loved when I cheered for them for putting the right shape in its right slot.  They were excellent and played so nicely together!

*  Anything I ate or drank, I threw up.  I think that was the hardest part because I needed the energy and hydration to make it through the day; but the girls were so afraid of my head being in the toilet so I needed to avoid it as much as I could.  (another tip: don't let your kids watch you.  I locked them out of the bathroom, good thing about my kids is, they can't be out of our sight or they panick.  They won't run away or get into trouble.  They stood at the door and kept knocking and calling mommy.)  Some children are not like that though, so do what works for you whether it is letting them in or putting them in their crib for a minute.

* Hydrate as much as you can.  I was drinking water and orange juice when I could.

* SLEEP, SLEEP, SLEEP.  Hard when you have no help right?!  I slept when the girls took a nap and when my husband got home.  One night, he didn't get home til the girls were in bed, so I just went to bed when they did.

I had it, my sister had it at the same time, and my dad got it.  Best part about this whole thing:  the girls and my husband did not catch it....well not yet at least!!!

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