Thursday, February 9, 2012

my favorite hobby!

I have loved photography for a long time!  I took two photography classes in high school and loved every minute of it. Sometimes I wish I would have continued it.  In 2010, my husband got me a DSLR camera due to the fact that we could not afford professional pics, or should I say we had a bad experience with it, and because he knows how much I love taking pictures and enjoy it.  We got professional pictures taken when the girls turned three months and it was the worst experience ever.  We planned it for right after the girls ate, we knew what we wanted.  well needless to say, they rushed us and took pictures in 15 minutes which overwhelmed the girls and they are crying in most of the pictures.  Then they expected us to spend 100 dollars on those pictures. 

I have been taking the girls pictures on my own, our family pictures on my own with a tripod and wireless remote, and close family and friends pictures.  I love all of them and they look professional.  I really enjoy, not only taking pictures that I want of them, but saving a ton of money!

I would love to do this also as a side job, I am not a professional and did not go to college for this so I wouldn't charge really anything.  Two of my favorite things about it is capturing those amazing moments, and editing them.  I love messing with photoshop!  One thing you will not see though are pictures on special occasions and holidays.  I want to enjoy those moments with my children and experience it with them.  I don't want to hide behind the camera and miss special moments with them.

I took some pictures for my sister while they were in town, here are some! (Rach- I hope you don't mind that I put up these pictures and the newborn pics I took of Gavin!)  (here is the link if you want to look at those again- GAVIN'S PICTURES!)

***next post will be about how I do it with backdrops, and props on a budget.  And how I get them to sit and smile***

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