Friday, February 10, 2012

why I blog

The whole reason I started this blog was to help other mothers of multiples.  I will continue to use this blog to give advice on raising multiples.  You may see some personal things on here, but no matter what, it will always be about helping other parents as much as I can.  Whether it be through my experiences or just keeping you all up to date on the lastest information regarding infants, toddlers and children.

This blog is not only for mothers of multiples, but for any parent needing advice or just needing to hear other mothers go through the same thing and that they are not alone.

I knew what to expect with twins.  I watched my aunt raise twins, and I also nannied for a long time for two children who were only one year apart.  I have always wanted children, it was my calling to be a mother and work with kids.  My husband on the other hand had no idea what to expect with infants, let alone two at the same time.  He was so excited though, and has enjoyed every minute of it! 

I will ask him to do a post for all you men out there, and give his take on the first year!  stay tuned for that!

I also have something up my sleeve, and will let you all know soon!  stay tuned...more exciting things coming up and a lot of advice and words of wisdom, especially with the toddler stage!

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