Thursday, September 29, 2011

1 year molars

The girls are rarely fussy.  They are usually very happy, easy going babies toddlers (they are still referred by my husband and I as babies in our house!).  Well this past 3 weeks, Harly has just been beside herself and crying pretty much all day.  She was still sleeping great at naps and during the night, so we werent sure what was going on.  I kept feeling in her mouth, but felt nothing.  Today, was probably the best day she has had in a couple weeks.  When I stuck my finger in her mouth, I 1/3 of it through.  Today was the first day Zoey was very fussy.  So round 2 is up!  Hip hip hooray for me!

I have a very hard time giving the girls medicine.  As a nurse, I know what antibiotics can do to a baby's immune system if given every time the baby is sick.  I am not saying I wouldn't give my child an antibiotic if she really needed it.  But if I know what it is and doesn't require an antibiotic then I don't.  I am fortunate to have a doctor to who believes in not giving an antibiotic unless needed.

I also just don't like giving them tylenol or any over the counter medicine unless needed.  It was hard to tell if it was her teeth or not because she had no fever, or runny nose.  She also slept great. This doesn't mean I won't give it to them, I don't want people to think I let my kids suffer in pain.  Now that we have figured it out, she gets a dose when needed ( if she is really fussy and sticking her whole hand in her mouth).  We will do the same for Zoey.  Two things that are lifesavers and have worked for us are: Sophie the giraffe, and baltic amber teething necklaces.

Just so people don't think I am crazy.  We had to give them tylenol when they were infants for a couple of medical reasons.  I just get nervous, they were very small and I am just a nervous nelly when it comes to medicine.  They were also on zantac for a long time.  They had a lot of reflux problems, so after almost 9 months of them being on that, we just wanted to stay clear of medicine.  I know a lot of people who give their kids tylenol at night for them to sleep, so the parents can sleep.  I just can't do that or believe in doing that.  I want to know why they are upset, I need to figure it out, otherwise I will be up all night pacing.

Teething stages just SUCK, there I said it.  This is probably the only time I have a hard time with raising twins.  They don't get their teeth at the same time so its a couple weeks for one child then it starts right up again with the second child for a couple weeks. 

If someone asked me what I could live without as a mom raising a child.  It would have to be the teething stage, if there was no teething stage, life would be GREAT!  Unfortunately, that is impossible.  That is okay though, It only lasts a couple weeks, and I keep telling myself that the next set of molars are not til 2 years old, but in the girls case probably not til 2 1/2years old.

To those of you who have not gone through this stage yet, the girls were great with all the other teeth.  They never cried, fussed, or changed sleeping patterns.  The other teeth were nothing to them, but molars, oh my! molars suck!

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