Thursday, September 29, 2011

excuse me?!?

I had my first bad scared for me and my children encounter today.  I took the girls to the outlets to get some winter clothes since it will be in the 40's this weekend.  The double stroller does not fit through some of the stores.  I decided to forget the stroller and strap them to me.  The minute they realized where we were, they kept asking for the "ducks."  Lets just say it was a fast run through Carters and off to the ducks.  I let them walk, while holding my hand to the ducks.  Everything was going great!
I noticed an older woman standing watching us.  It started drizzling and I was trying to round up the girls to walk back to the car.  As I grabbed both their hands from the fence.  This older woman ( I would say mid 60's) walked up to me and said, "I will take her (trying to grab harly's hand) and take care of her, you can start walking with the other one.  In my head, I am fuming and trying to figure out what to say without being mean.  I am sure she was just trying to be nice, but you don't say that to some in this world today.  I looked at her and politely but firmly stated Thank you, but I will take care of my own children. 
The good thing about this situation is my children are going through major stranger anxiety.  Harly grabbed my leg and started crying when this lady tried to reach for her hand.  After realizing Harly wasn't going to give her, her hand; she asked Zoey, "How about you, are you like your sister?"  At that point I just restrapped them to me and walked to the car.

It is a day like today that I am so very afraid of this world, and for my children.  But, that is why I am their mom, to teach them about strangers, and to help them get through this day in age.  I am sure the lady was just being genuine and trying to help me, but you can't trust anyone and I don't want my chidren trusting strangers because of something they say. 

To my girls- daddy and I promise to protect you, but to teach you how to protect yourself.  We promise to teach you about strangers, and what to do when one approaches you.  It is a different world from what I was raised in.  I was able to walk to school, today I would never allow my girls to walk to school.

I love you girls more than anything, and you will probably hate mommy because she will be very over-protective, but that is why I have daddy to calm me.  He is very good when it comes to situations and encounters and he will help me decide what you two are allowed to do and what you are not allowed to do!

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