Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day weekend!

We had a great weekend!  The girls had so much fun!  Uncle Ryan and Titi were in town (baby Gavin too growing comfortably in Titi's belly!).  We hung out with daddy all day Friday and Saturday, then he had to go to a bachelor party. 
My cousin had her second baby, Joshua.  We went to see him Sunday.  I attempted to hold the baby twice and the girls flipped out.  I was bummed, but it is ok, I know how much they love me and just weren't sure about the whole thing!
Friday night, Ian's friends came up to visit!  they brought digger the dog too!  We had a great time, the girls love to see them.
It was also my mom's birthday Saturday.  We all went out to the wineries.  It was so nice.  We had a great time.  the girls got to see doggies, and danced the night away!
Sunday- we went out to dinner with my dad's side of the family.  they came back to my parents house and we laughed til 12:30am.  My aunt, uncle, and cousin are hilarious. their lives need to be a reality show.  They are out of control!!!
Monday- it was a very lazy day.  We had to say goodbye to Titi and Uncle Ryan.  We all took a nap and waited for daddy to get there. 
We then came home to a sick baby again, ugh!  Zoey was in her carseat watching a movie on the drive home.  She didn't have a drink or snack, but she started choking and turned completely blue.  I jumped in the backseat while Ian pulled over.  It was a little scary.  She was fine when we got home until she had her nighttime bottle.  She choked again, turned blue and then threw up.  she has been having a hard time breathing with her cold.  I will not be sleeping tonight, my poor baby.

Overall it was a nice weekend.  It was a very busy weekend though, we went non-stop and the girls schedule was all whacked out.  I am happy to have the week start so we can get back to our daily routine.


  1. What?!?! She choked!!?? What happened???? She needs an antibiotic.

  2. Uncle Ryan, Gavin, and I had a great time too!! We all hate leaving :(