Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This past weekend, the girls, my parents, and I went to see Titi and Uncle Ryan.  Ian stayed back to get the garage fixed and the house sealed before winter.  My sister and her husband live in Philadelphia.  We drove there and left at 3am.  The girls did very good in the car both ways. 

We went to see Titi's 3d ultrasound.  My nephew Gavin Ryan is absolutely adorable and I am so in love with him already.  He is perfect!

We took the girls to Giggleberry farm.  It is a kids arcade place.  They had a water table and big slide that the girls absolutely loved.  The girls played with Uncle Ryan, they fished with him in the water table and had so much fun!  We then took them on their first carousel ride.  Zoey was nervous and towards the end just wanted Uncle Ryan to hold her.  Harly was nervous but she definitely enjoyed it!

Overall it was a great weekend, but by Sunday we were ready to get home and see Daddy!  Thanks for getting the house ready for winter daddy, we appreciate it!!

Uncle Ry Ry playing in the water table with Zoey

playing with Uncly RyRy and Titi

Harly fishing with Titi

Uncle Ry Ry putting on a puppet show for the girls, they couldn't figure out why he was laying back there!

Playing with Nani, what's inside the box?

Music time!!

By the way, my sister is 7 months preggers!  She doesn't look like it at all, she looks like she is only 5 months!

"It's my life!  And I love my crazy life, wouldn't change it for the world!"

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  1. Had so much fun!!!!! Come back!!! We love you all and miss you!