Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend Getaway!

Ian and I have only left our girls one time since they were born and it was literally only 24 hours, maybe even less.  We left them last year when we went away for one night for Ian's business.  Ian and his company did so well with one of their sales again, we were invited back for a weekend getaway at Oglebay.  We had a hard time deciding if I would go or not.  A lot of parents would take advantage of this, but I have a very hard time leaving the girls (not normal right?!? every mom would love to get away, I know but I am so attached to them!!)  After much debate, we both decided it would be my trial run, because Ian is taking me away in the winter for two days (and obviously , I can't say no to my husband's trip he planned for us!) 
I love Oglebay, my husband loves it here, and we hope our girls will love coming here for weekend getaways.  Besides the beach, it is one of my favorite places to come in the fall.  I have been coming here my whole life with my family for a weekend getaway.  It is such a beautiful place.  I was preparing myself all week.  Friday, I went to my parents in the morning.  I got the girls all settled in and made sure they had everything they needed for two days.  I didn't leave til the girls went down for their nap. it was very difficult to say bye to them.  I met Ian, so we could drive down together and we were on our way.
On the way down, Ian was doing work still, making phone calls, talking to customers so I had to be quiet.  It is interesting to hear my hubby work, I don't understand what he talks about, but it is so interesting to hear him work!  He does a great job and I am so fortunate to be able to stay home because of him!  When we got there, we went to our room and got ready for the reception.  the food was "out of this world"once again and all you can drink.  I hadn't eaten all day and dinner didn't get served til 8.  So from 5-8, everyone just drank. Now I get drunk off two beer (yes, light weight over here!) but when you are with my hubby's coworkers, they bring you drink after drink after drinnk, and I will just say it was a rough sleep and morning for me (good thing no kids this morning!)  After dinner, they had a tab open at the bar and what do you think everyone was doing? you guessed it, drinking.  I was drinking water at that point!  We called it an early night too, we needed sleep to get through the rest of the weekend.
Saturday, I got a nice massage at the spa in the morning, I so needed it!  Ian was golfing all day, so after the spa I got ready for the day then went and walked around Oglebay.  I watched a couple weddings that were absolutely gorgeous here with all the trees.  I then came back and hung out in the room til Ian got back.
That night we ate dinner with some of his coworkers, then hung out at the bar and watched the Ohio State game with everyone. We went to bed early this night, because we wanted to get home early to the girls.
Sunday, Ian took me to Primanti Bros in pittsburgh, one of my favorite places to eat ever!! Then we ran into Ikea!  We just couldn't wait to hold our baby girls!  We picked them up and then went home and had so much fun with them, they were very goofy, especially when they tried on their new sweaters we bought them at Oglebay!  We let them stay up til 8pm!
We are now ready to get into our daily routine again, tomorrow will be a busy day preparing for a little date night dinner for our 2nd anniversary!

Hope everyone has a great night!

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