Monday, October 17, 2011

Birthday weekend!

We celebrated my birthday over the weekend!  It was a very nice!  Friday night I picked up a shift at the hospital and didn't get home til 1:30am, so Saturday morning, daddy and the girls let me sleep in.  We got moving pretty early and took a trip to Menards, its about and hour south.  After Menards we were going to go to the fall foliage festival, but decided not too since the girls were ready for a nap and Zoey was not feeling well (she refused to eat and drink all day Saturday, and was running a slight fever.)  We decided to drive to Hudson and have my birthday dinner at Tomato grill.  We walked around, went into a couple shops, and then stopped at Main street cupcakes.  We got there around 2 and they only had 12 cupcakes left, and let me tell you the reason they only had 12 left is because the cupcake was so delicious. We just got one to share because we are not big sweet eaters.  My hubby doesn't like sweets but he pretty much ate the entire cupcake, so that means it had to be good!  After that we let the girls run around for about an hour and they had a blast!  I love this little town, it is going to be our new hangout spot to just walk around (we can't really afford anything in any of the stores!) 
Sunday was a little rough.  We were going to go to the mall and another little festival that was going on right down the street, but it was raining and outside.  We decided to lay low today and just make a trip to Pettitis to get pumpkins.  On the drive to the garden center, Zoey threw up everywhere.  I have never seen so much puke come out of such a tiny child.  We turned right around and got her home and cleaned up.  Daddy and her layed together, while Harly and I ran to the store. 
It was the girls first time ever being separated.  We had to pull Zoey's carseat out to wash it.  As I was putting Harly in her carseat, she looked over and pointed and said "sissy."  It broke my heart, I didn't think she would realize that at 16 months but I was wrong.  She was very quiet in the store and just held her lovey and sucked her thumb, I could tell she didn't know what to make of this adventure.  Here are some pics from Saturday.

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