Thursday, October 13, 2011


I love fall!  It is my favorite season!  If there was a state that was 50's and 60's year round, I would move there in a heartbeat!  Here are the reasons why:

1.  It is my birthday during this season!

2. My anniversary with Ian!

3.  It is sweatshirts and sweats weather!  I am not a person who likes to dress up, I am a t-shirt and jeans girls!  Fall is my favorite!  I love wearing jeans and a sweatshirt!  I love, love, love it! 

4.  It is beautiful outside when the leaves are changing colors!

5.  Thanksgiving!  Food, food, food! 

6.  My other favorite part about this season is all the fall festivals!  Ian and I before we had kids did all the festivals and now that we have kids, it is a lot more fun!

7.  Its crock-pot season!  Love cooking with the crockpot!

8.  Last, I think my kids are absolutely adorable in their puffy vests and jeans! 

I could probably add more to this list, but I will just leave it at this!  I LOVE FALL!!!!

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