Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I have received some cards and gifts for my birthday.  In all of them, everyone has written "deserve."  whether it was a gift, money, day to myself, they all described it as "you deserve it." 

As I think, I wonder, why do I deserve it.  What have I done to deserve it.  My job title is a mother, I also pick up 1-2 shifts at the hospital a week in the evenings when daddy is home.  Everyone tells me I am a wonderful mother, I am doing a great job raising the girls, and for all my hard work I deserve it.

I need another word, because I don't "deserve it."  My children deserve it.  They deserve to have loving parents.  They deserve to be raised in a happy, loving, and protective household.  They deserve parents like daddy and me.  All children deserve loving parents, but some do not get the opportunity to have that.

This is my calling, I was called to be a mother, this is what I have always wanted to be.  I have been blessed with two amazing children and hopefully more in the future.  I am here to raise my children, to teach them about life, God, love, respect, honesty, and most important to be happy!

So, as I sit and look at these cards and gifts, I am trying to think of another word other than deserve.  Maybe a short break to be a grown-up for a day? 


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