Friday, November 18, 2011

18 month old check up

Harly                                                                                                    Zoey
Height: 31"                                                                                          Height: 31 1/4"
Weight: 24lbs                                                                                      Weight: 23.10lbs
(Harly weighs a lil under, she wouldn't give up her lovey or my hand, and she was wiggling all over so they couldn't get an accurate weight)

Tuesday was the girls 18 month checkup.  It was a rough, and traumatizing morning for two kids.  I didn't think the girls would remember the doctors, but boy was I wrong.  The minute we walked into the doctors office, Harly had a break down.  She cried the whole visit.  It was a battle to get her weight, height, and head circumference.  She also would not let the doctor touch her.  Zoey did pretty well, but she was scared and nervous, especially when she saw her sister so upset.

Everything looked good.  The girls are doing very well.  They still are not saying as many words as she would like, but they understand everything we say ( they learn one new word a day).  She is very pleased with that.  She also said again, it is because twins have their own little language.  Its true, they will sit and babble to each other and carry on a full conversation.  they will laugh at what each other is saying, its cute!

The girls got their flu shot and on top of it had to get their blood drawn.  I knew that this day would come.  they were suppose to do it at the one year appt, but wanted to hold it off.  Well today was the day.  As a nurse I knew what to expect, but it is still hard when it is your own child.  Zoey got poked three times, they could not get her vein, so unfortunately she has to do it again in one month.  Harly did very well, she screamed bloody murder, but it took them 3 seconds and she was done.  they got her vein on the first try.  She was fine the minute they put the bandaid on and when mommy gave them both a snack!

Zoey has been having issues the past month will illnesses and just not herself.  We are starting her back on two mecidations she was on during the first year of her life.  Hopefully this helps her and gives us back our happy, bubbly, full of energy baby!

After their doctors visit, they got Chipotle for everything they went through! ( they love chipotle!)


  1. Aww..poor babies. : ( My Lucy also loves Chipolte. We have to get her own salsa because she won't share. : )

  2. That is so cute!! She is adorable! I am so happy they love chipotle cause it is my favorite. they are obsessed with the guacamole!