Sunday, November 6, 2011

Johnson and Johnson

Why I love our play group, they keep you up to date on everything!  So one of the ladies posted a link regarding Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo.  Because not only is this blog about my children, and for parents going through the stages I am going through with my children, but I also like to keep the parents updated on important information that has to do with their children.

When I got pregnant, my husband and I wanted to use all natural products on the girls, and start eating better, and live a better lifestyle.  I don't use this shampoo but I know people who use these products, so please check your bottles.  From one parent to another!

Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo have been putting a carcinogen in their shampoo that we use on our children.  This company has been selling baby shampoos to other countries without this chemical in it, but not to the U.S. and some others.  When asked about this, the company's response was, "we are pashing those out."  Really phasing them out, why don't you just remove them from the shelves?  That is not a good enough answer.

This is an article regarding the issue: Claims
This one is from safe cosmetics campaign on removing these products: baby's tub still toxic
Also, Parenting magazine and just came out with an article about this.

Hope this helps in boycotting Johnson and Johnson til they take this chemical out of baby products.  We, parents, need to protect our children!

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