Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Umbilical hernias

Official results: No surgery for the girls!!!!!!

 When the girls were born, everything looked great. They were healthy, no signs of complications with any organs, they just lost a lot of weight and were tube fed for a little while.  Well we brought the girls home and everything was going well.  They lost their cords a couple weeks later, and were doing great eating.  One day, Ian and I discovered their belly buttons about the size of a ping pong ball.  We were still going in for weight checks, so we had an appointment in two days. 

The girls had umblicial hernias.  Common in premies and in girls more than boys.  Their hernias kept growing too.  They were very large for a couple months.  They didn't go down into regular belly buttons until the girls were almost 10 months old.

They have had normal belly buttons since they turned one, but they still weren't fully closed.  Yesterday was the day!  They are officially closed!  We are so happy!

These two pics are when the hernias were still on the smaller size, they got a little bigger than this.

 They started going away around 7 months, they were normal belly buttons around 9-10 months

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