Sunday, November 6, 2011

Life Changing

We went to one of Ian's friend's wedding tonight in Pittsburgh.  Ian and Marko have known each other since Preschool.  I can see why they are best friends, because they are the most genuine, care free, and sincere people you will ever meet.  Marko is an amazing person, and we are so blessed to call him one of our friends.

Well tonight was the first time I met his father, and he was the first stranger ever to make me cry (in a good way.) Ian introduced me to him, and he was so excited to meet me.  He was telling me about how much he loved Ian like his own.  His nickname for Ian was "Smiley" growing up.  It is the perfect nickname for him.  For those of you that don't know my husband, he always has a smile on his face, and is always positive.  My husband is the most carefree, laid-back, and happiest person you will ever meet!  he doesn't give a sh*t what people think about him, and I love that (I wish I could be more like him!)  It was awesome hearing about how much he adored my husband, and how much he adored me without even knowing me (its nice to know my hubby and his friends talk highly of me!)

He was asking about the girls and how they were.  He asked me if it was life changing.  I stated that it has changed my life and I loved it.  He said I disagree.  I was confused at first, but then he said you life doesn't change, your lifestyle changes.  I had to think for a moment, then I realized how right he was.  You life doesn't change, just your lifestyle.  Instead of going to the store with nothing, you have to bring half your stuff in the house (diaper bag, stroller, toys...).  It is so true!  Everything he told me tongiht was dead on.  I never thought of life the way he described it, but it was all right!

Marko's dad makes you feel so comfortable.  He is probably the most genuine and inspirational person you will ever meet.  He is someone you want with you 24/7.  He met me for the first time tonight, and he has never met my children, but he made me feel like I was the best mom, and talked so highly of my children and how he knows they are going to be great kids, by the parents they have.

So to Marko's dad-  thank you!  Thank you for making me cry, thank you for showing me how lucky I am to have not only an awesome husband, but an amazing father.  thank you for you words of encouragement, and the strength you have given me just by talking to you for 10 minutes.  Your words are so inspiring and I hope I can be more like you and have a positive outlook on life.  thank you for reminding me about Ian and how I have found a great man.  I promised you tonight that I would love him forever and with all my heart, you asked me to take good care of him because you love him and he is a good man; I promise you I will.  And now the tears come....

I also love how much Ian loves him.  He has told me over and over again how awesome Marko's dad is and it is all true.  I am so glad my husband is apart of this family.  I wish all of you could meet this great man, because your life would change.  He needs to be a motivational speaker!  Its also funny that when you bring up his name everyone's face lights up, you won't hear one bad thing about this person!  I hope I can be like this, and have this kind of impact of people, and my childrens friends!

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