Tuesday, November 22, 2011


For the past couple weeks, the girls have been calling each other sissy!  I love it!  If they don't see one another, they walk around going "sissy" til they find her.  If one wakes up from nap earlier than the other, they point and say sissy, and try to go to her crib to wake her up.  Thats when I block it!  It is just adorable!  I will try to get a video of it to show you all, but every time i pull it out they stop!  I have tried hiding it, turning it on and walking in on them talking to each other and saying sissy, but they always know!

Harly was crying the other day, so I told her to go get her juice in the kitchen.  She cried all the way to her juice cup, when Zoey saw she wasn't in the playroom, she kept saying sissy and searching for her. 

when one of them cries, they get a concerned look on their face and say sissy and tries to give hugs and kisses.

Zoey woke up early the other day.  I pulled her out and brought her to the living room.  She got off the couch and walked all the way to her room, opened the door and said sissy, sissy, sissy!

Tonight, Harly decided to not listen to mommy and daddy and she stood on the couch.  Zoey looked at me then daddy and said, "sissy, pointed to Harly then said sit!"

It is adorable, but it also makes me cry.  They are growing up too fast for me.  I feel like each stage flies by.  I love that they love each other.  I love their little moments where they just sit and talk to each other.  they play peek a boo with each other and laugh hysterically, they kiss and hug each other, and they cuddle together!

A tradition that we will keep going with them is:  Every night we gives kisses and hugs to mommy and daddy, then we have them kiss and hug each other!

I will try to get a video of it up!

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