Sunday, November 13, 2011

fraternal vs identical

We get a lot of people asking us if the girls are identical or fraternal.  Truth: we have no idea!  And the reason we don't know is:

When I got pregnant, there were a lot of ifs', and whys', if I would be able to keep baby B, why one baby was doing great and one wasn't, if I conceived them a two different times.  From the looks of it, my midwife, and doctor said fraternal twins.  We kept it all 9 months as fraternal twins.

Well, the day of my delivery came.  When the girls were born and they looked at the placentas, and babies.  They changed their mind.  They said the girls were identical.

Between the midwife, OB doctor, neonatologists, and one of the best pediatricians in the state, they all are pretty sure the girls were identical.  It is very rare, but you can have identical twins in one sac, and then they can split into two sacs, and another placenta can develop. We had all the doctors explain this to us.  Crazy right?!?

Why we don't know for sure:  Zoey's placenta stopped working so they could not test it.  Because her placenta did not work, they would have to do a blood test.  Our insurance did not cover the blood test and it would have cost us 300 dollars.

So yes, we do not know.  Are there days where we would love to know?  yes, but no matter if they are identical or not, we will love them just as much.  There is nothing to really tell them apart.  They look alike, there is nothing significant.  They each have their own personalities though.  The good thing is, we could always tell them apart, because one had more hair than the other.  So it was nice, we never had to put anything on them.  Now, there are definitely times we mix them up, then we will look at them for a minute and be like, " no wonder you weren't listening to us, we were calling the wrong name!"

We don't really care about finding out because we will treat them the same, we will never compare them to each other, we will let them be their own unique individual person. And most important, we will always love them no matter what!

we love giving each other kisses and hugs!

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