Monday, December 5, 2011


The girls absolutely love dancing!  they can dance 24 hours a day.  When they hear music, they break out dancing.  I usually have the radio on most of the day, and with it being christmas, I try and have it on often.  The girls have a couple of favorite songs: Charlie Browns christmas, feliz navidad, unchained melody, etc... 

I love that they love to dance and so does Ian.  They have done this since they were tiny babies.  They have always been drawn to music. I am most excited because they are following in my foot steps!  When we all dance, they love to be held by us and dance. 

They are very shy when the video camera comes out so these videos are not really how they get down and dance when music comes on, but here are a couple quick videos!  Enjoy!

I have a couple other good ones, but for some reason they won't upload.  Once I get it to work I will put them up!


  1. Now where on earth do they get that from- Brinny says : "They come for the move, but they stayed for the groove"

  2. haha!!! that is too cute Brinny!! love it!!