Thursday, December 1, 2011

No more bottles!

Ok, so the girls were really attached to their ba-bas.  I had prepared myself for a battle, because it was a battle when I weaned them from nursing at 13 months.  We had tried to take them off bottles a couple weeks ago.  I put their milk in a sippy cup, they took a sip and then threw it.  They were very mad at us and boycotted drinking milk.  We decided we would wait til after our traveling for thanksgiving.

So how did it go?

Well on Monday, I took the girls to Target.  I made a big deal about getting cups for milk.  I had a talk with them and was very excited, which made them excited too!  We were on our way to Target, I made up a song about milk and cups while they danced to it!  When we got to Target, we went straight to the cup section.  We had another talk and they picked their cups out.  (I held a couple in my hand and they chose from those, I wasn't about to let them pick the most expensive cups!)  I got a couple other things we need and they held their cups.  On the drive home we sang the milk and cup song again. 
I washed the cups and filled them with milk.  So I am sure you are all wondering how it went?  Right?

Results:  The girls drank the whole cup of milk!  It has been two days now and they are still drinking from these cups.  Yesterday, I tried putting it in one of their other cups and they got very upset.  So yes, these two cups are only for milk!

I really thought it was going to be an ugly battle, but am so happy at how it turned out!  If any of you are trying to get your children off bottles, make a big deal about cups!  I know some moms who did battle for a couple days and knew I didn't want to do that, especially with two kids coming off bottles at the same time.

** Today, all is still good, they even helped me put the bottles away in the rubbermaid container!!!

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