Sunday, December 18, 2011

so much to say!

I have so much to tell you all!!  I know I have been behind, but we have been extremely busy.  I am so ready for a weekend of just the four of us but that won't happen til January.  I am not saying that I don't love company, but we haven't caught a break from in it a long time!  Here is what you have to look forward too!

* Today, the 17th was the day Ian and I started dating!  7 years baby, and I can't believe it.  There will be more on this soon!

* my nephews both born on the same day a year apart!  Happy first bday Jackson, and welcome to the world Gavin- you each get your own blog post coming soon!

* I made canvas boxes from pinterest! Tutorial coming soon!

* many recipes also coming soon.  Yes, I will also post the taco soup.  Please forgive me!

I have gotten some anonymous emails asking why it takes me so long to update my blog.  Well here is why:  I have two active toddlers running around.  I don't catch a break unless it is naptime (which is when I start dinner.) or bedtime which is spent cleaning up from the day and time with my husband who gets home from work late or is traveling. Please hang in there, there will be more posts coming!  Truthfully though- I am grateful to all my readers, and I thank you for reading my blog, but I would rather spend more time interacting and watching my girls grow up than on the computer!  Just saying!!

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