Thursday, December 22, 2011


My sister gave birth to her first child on December 9, 2011 (same as Jackson's birthday!).  She did amazing, I am so proud of her!  Gavin Ryan came into the world at 10:08am weighing in at 7lbs 8oz and 19inches long!  He is also adorable and I love him so much.  I didn't expect to have the feelings I do for this little boy, I feel like he is my own son.  It was extremely difficult to leave him.  I think it is because my sister and I are so close, and because I have children.

As I am typing this I am getting emotional, and it has been 2 weeks already.  I don't remember my sister being like this when I had the girls, but I just think it is becasue I have children.  I am having issues with knowing I can't drive over there whenever I want to see him.  We always talked about getting together with our kids every sunday, like we did growing up.  I am having a hard time knowing that we won't be able to do that.  I want my girls to be close to their cousins.  I want them to be like brothers and sisters.  I am sure I will be able to get through this at some point.  I just miss my sister and especially my nephew.  I want him to be close to me and know that he can come to me for anything, I want to be able to babysit him whenever and take care of him when they need help.

But enough about me and my emotions!  My nephew is absolutely adorable, I love him like he is my own.  My sister and I have such a strong bond, that he is also now has a piece of my heart!  Here are some pics I took of him!  Enjoy!

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