Friday, December 23, 2011

girls meeting Gavin!

When we were allowed back to see my sister and the baby, the girls were napping in the stroller.  I didn't want to wake them because we drove all night and they woke up at 6am.  We decided to let them meet their new cousin the next day.

They did awesome at the hospital.  They were kissing him and gently touching him.  Harly loved to stroke his tiny fingers.  When they came home from the hospital, it was a different story.  They were very jealous, there was a new baby, titi and uncle ryan couldn't give them their full undivided attention.  When Uncle Ryan would wake up and come out to the living room, the girls would just follow him the whole time and pretty much didn't leave his side all day.  They were very jealous of titi, they had her all to themselves for 18 months.  She did awesome though, making sure they had alone time with her.  She would take them into another room and play with them.

Here are some pics I love of the girls with Gavin and then with uncle ryan and titi!

Harly stroking his fingers!

Zoey touching gently!

Dylan carrying on a convo about the girls clothes!  Love this pic!

This is one of my fave pics, because everyone is smiling!  I never get the girls to smile at the same time!

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