Wednesday, August 31, 2011

An eventful day!

Today has been an eventful day.  Last night I picked up a shift at the hospital to help out.  I didn't get home til 1am.  I was hoping for a calm morning, boy was I wrong!

It wasn't a bad morning, but a fun morning!  We pretty much had a dance party all morning!  The girls hate the television, which I have stated in the past, but today Sesame street was a musical episode (probably my favorite episode!), instead of them watching it for only 5 minutes, they watched it for 10 minutes! After that we listened to the radio and some of their C.D's and danced til lunch time!

I was so tired from work and from not getting a good night's rest that I was hoping I could lay down after I cleaned the kitchen up from lunch.  Well, I was wrong.  Harly only took an hour nap (I dislike pooping during nap time!) and I couldn't get her to go back to sleep. So we hung out until Zoey got up from her 3 hour nap!

I made chicken quesadillas for dinner tonight.  The girls have been getting over being sick, so their systems have been all out of whack.  I hid some spinach in their quesadillas to help them out (they are not big fans of spinach, but they had no idea! such a sneaky mommy!)

After dinner, we took a ride to the outlets (daddy was going to be late tonight).  I figured that if I was going to get out of the house this winter, I guess I should start practicing (the girls hate being inside all day).  I had them strapped to me, but once they figured out where we were and that the duckies were here, they were trying to climb off me.  I knew I needed to have ground rules, and that I need to follow through with them.  Since I have two the same age, I can't be chasing them in two different directions.  They need to learn to stay by each other and mommy.  They are their own buddy system!  These are my rules:

*Have to hold mommy's hand the entire time when walking in public places. (will be rare, I will either have the stroller or have the wrap and carrier and attach them to me. (yes one on front, and one on back)
*Teach them to always stay by each other and together (that will probably take a couple years til they understand)
* If they refused to hold my hand or throw a tantrum, then I would carry them or put them back in the stroller.

* I am debating over getting them those backpacks with harnesses.  If anyone has suggestions on this, it would be greatly appreciated.  there is so much debate over this, I don't know what do to.

I am lucky that they are very good listeners, they did so good today.  Zoey, my little pistol, just likes to test mommy out!  But she knew today, mommy was not playing around.

We fed the ducks some crackers and they were so excited!  Next to us, were 17month old boy/girl twins.  They were so cute.  All four of them were chatting together in baby language, while their dad and I talked about raising twins!  The girls were flirting with the little boy. Oh, I am in sooo much trouble!!

Here are some pics from today!

Their quesadilla with some corn on the top!

Harly loving her quesadilla

zoey acting shy in front of the camera (came out a lil dark, sorry!)


  1. OMG THEY ARE THE CUTEST!!! They got Titi very sick too!!!! but i wouldn't trade it for the world...i love them <3

  2. they told me to tell you they are very sorry, and that it was not all their fault! They think you caught it from the doctors office!

  3. The girls will get better about staying with you as they get a little older. Teach them "stop." We made it a game with Jake, we tell him to "go" and let him run and then "stop" and he stops as soon as we say it. Now he'll stop whenever we stay it. We also practiced the game in Target when it wasn't busy so that we knew he would stop with distractions. They are so cute, hope to see you guys soon! We are planning a visit in late Oct/early Nov since Jordan will leave Oct 22 for a month.

  4. Thats a good idea too! Thanks! Can't wait to see you guys!