Wednesday, August 3, 2011

chatter boxes today!

The girls were full of energy today!  Today they carried on a full conversation with each other!  It was to cute!

They have been doing this for a couple months, they started around 9 months, but it was just a 5 second thing and then they would walk away.

While today they carried on a convo in their high chairs while I was getting lunch ready.  They would talk to each other in babble and then laugh hysterically!  I tried so hard to get it on camera and they would see it and stop.  I got about 10 seconds of one but you can't really hear them.  they did this a couple days ago too, but they will stop if they see I am watching them or have the camcorder (and yes I have tried hiding, but somehow they know I am still watching them.)  Then this afternoon they were playing in their playhouse that we got from my aunt and uncle (which they absolutely love!)  They were sitting in there and were just talking to each other, then one would leave, then come back and ring the doorbell and go in. 

I am in awe and completely amazed!!  I knew that they would have their own little language with each other but when you see it in person it is unbelievable. 

Once again I got teary-eyed because they are getting so big, I wish I could stop time :(... Mommy loves you girls so much!!

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