Thursday, August 4, 2011

my loves!

Ian and I have been together for almost 7 years!  We will be married for 2 years on September 19th.  We wanted to wait at least a year before we got pregnant.  Well, obviously that did not happen.  We got pregnant on our honeymoon.  We found out at the beginning October that we were pregnant.  I found out a couple days before I got my menstrual cycle, because I was so sick.  I wanted to make sure that I wasn't pregnant and just had the flu.  Well four + pregnancy tests later said I was pregnant.  Ian was so excited, I was very scared.  November 8th, Ian could not make it to the doctor's appointment so it was a little nerve wrecking to go by myself. 
Once all information was answered, an ultrasound was done.  I got to see our little miracle!  After about 10 minutes, my midwife was about to remove the probe when, out popped the second baby.  And at that point I lost it.  I was shocked and so scared, but happy.  Then I got the news that I needed a more detailed ultrasound because baby B didn't look like it was going to make it. I cried for about an hour, and my midwife wouldn't let me drive til it sank in.  I called Ian and told him that I needed to see him asap.  So I met him at work.  I showed him the ultrasound pictures than told him there were two.  Ian always wanted twins, so his reaction was expected- he was sooo excited!!!  Then to inform him of the other news :(. 
The next day I went to the hospital for a more detailed ultrasound.  Everything looked great.  Baby B was pretty far behind on growing.  So I would be going to the doctors every week to week and a half.  I really liked going not just because I got to hear their heartbeats, but because I got an ultrasound every appointment!  Once baby B caught up around the 16th week, I started going to the doctor's every 2 weeks (still getting an ultrasound at every one, til the end of my pregnancy!)
We found out we were having two girls at the end of February.  We both were in shock, Ian knew they were girls, but I was so sure they were boys.
At 25 weeks, I was in a serious car accident, ( I will post my note at another time)  I was at Metro for a night, and of course the next day was my baby shower.  I was so blessed I was able to keep them in, even though at one point during the night they wanted to come out.
36 weeks, I went in for a detailed ultrasound to find out baby B's placenta stopped working and that, it was the day I would be entering the hospital to deliver our girls.

Stay tuned, the rest tomorrow night!!!

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