Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mia and Emma...wait?!?!

You always have your dream family growing up.  Ian and I talked a lot about children.  We both wanted 3 boys and 1 girl, but obviously this did not happen.  That is ok because I wouldn't change it, I love my life and we love our girls!
We always said if we have a girl, we would name it Mia.  When we found out we were having twin girls, we picked Emma for one of them.  My whole pregnancy we were set on Mia and Emma until two weeks before I delivered them.
Ian came home and said both names were on the top 10 charts for popular names.  We both wanted names that were not popular.  Ian came up with Zoey and I fell in love with it.  We could not think of another name that we both agreed on.  One night I opened the name book, closed my eyes, and pointed to a name.  It was Harly and we both loved it.

Who gets what name?
Baby B was so active my whole pregnancy.  She beat my ribs up and her sister.  She could never sit still.  To this day, she is still my energizer bunny!
Zoey Paige means "young life"- that was definitely baby B and when we saw her, that name just looked like her.
Baby A is our mellow, laid back child.  She is very chill, especially when she sucks her thumb.  She was calm during the whole pregnancy because her sister would be sprawled out!
Harly Mae means "may meadow"- A meadow reminds Ian and I of a peaceful place.  That name fit baby A.

To this day Zoey is our active child and Harly is our reserved child.  They do switch roles every couple weeks when we just get accustomed to the previous roles, but they pretty much are the meanings of their names!

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