Monday, August 8, 2011

Infant to toddler transition

     It has been so crazy to see this transition.  The girls went from being infants, needing me to take care of everything for them to toddlers who want to be independent and do everything themselves.  Now its like "forget you mommy, we have so much to explore now that we know how to walk.  We only need you to feed us, change our diapers, and during fussy periods!"  They play a lot more together, not with the same toy, but they sit with each other. Its all fun til someone steals the toy the other one is playing with.  They babble with each other and laugh at one another, it is too cute (hopefully I can upload a video of it to here.) 
     Here are some things that have stood out during this transition:

* Walking, there is no crawling in our house anymore!  They are little toddlers now.  They have made it, no infant anymore!
*Wanting to do everything themselves.  they are not very good with their spoons and forks yet. When it is something messy, we try to feed them.  It does not turn out well and it usually turns into a tantrum. 
                    -Advice = They will let us hold the food and put it on the spoon to give to them each time.  Yes, it may take an hour to feed them this way, but it saves us time from cleaning the mess up!
*Bumps, bruises, and fat lips.  We need helmets for them!  They think now that they can walk and that they automatically have to run.  Well, they run and can't stop so what happens?  Bumps, bruises, and fat lips!
*Playtime, but don't touch mommy and daddy.  They don't want to play alone, they want to play with us.  We always play with them (hence the reason I get nothing done around the house, but I don't mind because someday they won't want me to play with them.)  Well when we play with them and it involves a toy, we can't touch it unless they get very frustrated.  If we try to touch it, they push our hand away!  They crack me up during play time!!!
* Whoa, cupboards!  Their new favorite thing.  Lets empty all the cupboards and bang on pots and pans.  When we are done, we leave the mess for mommy and daddy to clean up!
*One nap. I thought I wasn't going to like it, but I kind of do.  They sleep for 2 1/2 to 3 hours in the afternoon, so I can't complain.
*Lovies.  They are more attached to their lovies then ever before.  When they were babies, we would just leave them in the crib.  Now when we take the girls out of the cribs, their lovies have to come too.  But this is ok because they are very sensitive children so when we are not around or vaccuming (yes they hate the vaccum!), their lovies comfort them!
* Lets drop or throw our toys!  This is their new game.  But according to the specialists, this is a social skill and that we should not tell them no.  They usually do it about 10 times and then they are done.  That is good with us!
I am sure there is a lot more that I can't think of right now, but I will keep you posted on this transition.

It is bittersweet.  I am so sad that my baby girls want to be independent, I want my infants back!  But then again, I like this stage, they follow me around walking and it is just so cute.  They are also more interactive with each other and I absolutely love that!!

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