Friday, August 5, 2011

Five for Friday!

It is five for Friday, something new that I will try and do every Friday.  I got this idea from a friend who does it on her blog! this week it is all about the changes we are experiencing in our household!

1.) Monday- Infant to toddler transition, scary, sad, and excited! ( will have a post on this transition for those who will be going through it shortly!)

2.) Tuesday- Trying to give up one of their naps, and drop down to only 1 nap (Not sure how I feel about this yet)

3.) Wednesday-  The girls were chatterboxes and talking to each other all day! (they kept looking at me like mommy don't you understand what we are talking about?  Umm, no baby girls have no idea what you two are saying to each other!)

4.)Thursday- New favorite toy, our huge blanket, playing peek a boo with each other!

5.) Refusing to crawl today, will only walk!  they are officially toddlers!

Have a great weekend!  We will be spending our weekend at the Twins Festival!

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