Friday, August 5, 2011

my loves part 2!

May 23, 2010 is the day our girls were brought into our lives!  I went in Friday at 1pm.  I was in labor for 35 1/2 hours.  I got my epidural placed on friday, incase I had a emergency c-section.  When I asked to use my epidural on Saturday evening, they gave me the test dose, and then the pump broke.  By the time they fixed it, it was to late to get the medicine, I was 10cm and ready to push.  I was wheeled into the operating room at 10:30pm.  I pushed and pushed and pushed.  I delivered Baby A at 1:08am.  I was not allowed to have her placed on my chest, she was sent to the nicu doctor behind me.  My husband had tears in his eyes!  He got to cut the cord.  He asked me if I was ok and then asked if he could go see her.  He would come back and tell me how beautiful she was, make sure I was ok, and then go back to see her.  He has never been comfortable holding newborns, but once they were done checking her out, they picked her up and handed her to him.  He looked like a natural, like he did this a million times!  He brought her to me and I got to hold her (with help because I had some complications after she was delivered).  They then whisked her off for some more testing.  After I delivered her, I went back down to 7cm. Baby B was still high so I had to wait, and this is where th back labor started.  It was probably the most painful thing I have ever experienced.  I only pushed for an hour.  At 2:40am Baby B was born.  Chaos took over the room, our baby girl was not breathing.  Being a nurse, you know what they are doing and I was a mess.  Ian was so scared, but didn't show it because he was keeping me calm.  Once they got her breathing, he got to go over there and cut her cord.  Ian got to hold her for a couple seconds and I got to stroke her head and give her a kiss, then she was taken to get checked out and be with her sister.
We didn't want to name them without seeing them together.  We got to see baby A at 5am, they brought baby B to us at 8am.  From that point on they stayed with us the entire time! 
I was stuck on bedrest due to some complications for the next 3 days, during that time Ian was "mommy and daddy" to all three of us.  He was amazing.  He changed their diapers, got me set up every time to nurse, and made sure all the tubings were ready to finger/tube feed.  We couldn't have asked for a better daddy/husband!!!

1:08am *Harly Mae* 5lb 10oz 19 1/4 inches long

2:40am *Zoey Paige* 6lb 3oz 19 inches long

We left the hospital Wednesday afternoon, girls were jaundice and only weighing 4lbs, this would be the beginning of going to the doctors every week for the next 4 weeks for weight checks!

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